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  • Resolved jimf81


    Cracking plugin, nice and simple.

    Over complex social share plugins make no sense to me.

    However I’d like a few functions as most of these plugins fall down with responsiveness. I mentioned one just now in another post.

    1. Shortcode that specifies which social buttons as one type of post may need more than another depending on where you put them in a post.
    2. Choose the design you want in the shortcode. Again, different design for different post types.
    3. Auto resize for different devices based on settings in plugin. This stops the icons from stacking in an untidy way on ipad and smart phone. So 48px full size, 40px tablet and 32px on smart phone. A field for each device. With center function below this will help buttons to look tidy on smart phone too.
    4. Center, left and right align.

    If all the above can be added in a shortcode then marvelous because many posts and pages are structured differently these days so simple top, bottom of floating is not really a good option.

    Having complex shortcodes that the plugin generates makes more sense than lots of options that may never get used. That’s what other social plugins do and it makes no sense to me.

    Many thanks for creating this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Sarah


    Some really good ideas here, thanks!

    Being able to choose the alignment will be in the next release (in a few days).

    Making the shortcodes more specific and customizable sounds like a good idea for people who want more control, as does having the buttons be more responsive.
    I’ve added those issues to my task backlog for a future update, so will mark this as resolved here for now.


    no problem Sarah, If I see a good plugin I like to dish out a few ideas as the more I use WordPress, the more I crave easier solutions to work with the best plugins.

    One plugin I like that uses the complex shortcode principle is justified image grid. Once you get the hang of the options for the shortcode it works a treat.

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