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  • I am overhauling my website, The Packed and have tried to reset the Mercurial Theme back to its original state when I purchased it but somehow it won’t revert back to it.

    I have tried to delete the theme off my themes page and reinstall it onto my site but it still reverts back to what I have previously worked on – I’d like to start on a clean slate with the originally bought theme.

    Please advise?

    Thank you!


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  • Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Have you tried to contact the theme’s developer?

    One way I think of would be to delete the setting in the database. Unfortunately since it is a purchased theme that is about as much support/help we can provide on these forums.

    Heya Jose, thank you so much for that quick reply and solution, let me try getting in touch with the theme’s developer and see how that goes.

    Thank you again! 🙂

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Of course!

    If that doesn’t help, then you can try ( like I said ) deleting the option/setting in the database; but because we don’t have access to the code it is a little hard to determine how the settings are saved. Often times it will be {$theme_name}_option or theme_mod_{$theme_name} so something to look for; just make sure you make a copy just in case. 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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