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resetting lost passwords

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    doesn’t work.. 🙁

    This does.
    Follow it carefully.

    I thought I’d post under this thread. I just upgraded to 1.2.1 and then for some reason I’m unable to login to my WP after changing password. Then I tried to relogin. It didn’t let me in even when I remembered and typed the changed password exactly. I even tried to use MD5 hash calculator, it doesn’t work either. Is there another way to access my blog? 🙁 Why is 1.2.1 causing me problem when it shouldn’t? Thanks in advance.

    Please help. I can’t login to my blog. Why is my changed password not working with new version of 1.2.1? What else can I do? Lost password only sent me a string of characters, what do I do with these? I tried to change via phpmyadmin but it doesn’t work with md5 hash calculator. It kept saying “incorrect password” even though I know the password is correct and case sensitive.

    Have you got Zone Alarm running ?

    Not sure if this will help, but anyway ………
    Are you using UTF-8 as the character set ?
    To check, use phpmyadmin and click the Search tab.
    Put utf-8 into the box and search.
    You should get 1 result in table ‘wp-options’ in the ‘option_value’
    If it is not utf-8, change it to that.
    Regarding MD5.
    There is another way (which sunshine pointed out and I really should update that page).
    From phpmyadmin, select the database.
    Click the ‘Browse’ icon next to the ‘wp_users’ table
    You will see the ‘user_pass’ line
    In the ‘value’ column is a string of stuff. Delete it.
    Enter your password in plain english
    Then look at the ‘Functions’ column – it should be blank but there will be a drop down arrow / box.
    Click that, and select MD5
    Now click ‘Go’
    Try to login.
    If this fails or works, can you post back ? Thanks.


    I am running Zone Alarm, but even set at low internet activity I cannot log-in to my blog now at sanders5.com. I was able to log-in until yesterday. I lost my first password and requested a new password and can’t get in at all.


    I’v been completely unable to login to my WordPress installation since losing my original cookies two days ago. I spent time messing with the database more than I cared to and resetting the password a number of times. I’ve tried logging in from a number of different machines using various browsers to be sure.
    The problem initially occured with 1.2, but upgrading to 1.2.1 hasn’t fixed anything.
    Fiddling with wp-login.php, I’ve determined that the problem appears to crop up on line 214 when login($user_login, $user_pass_md5, true) returns false after not being given a login (it’s blank). Strangely, I can’t determine that any cookie data exists, though I’ve confirmed that they’re here locally and being sent, which is why no error message is displayed (if they had been there, you would have been told they’d expired).
    Not really knowing PHP, I’ve hit the wall. I’m really confused as to why this is happening.


    My particulare issue turns out to have been a cookie issue. OP, if you look at the cookies WP is storing, what does it say for path? This step is kind of browser dependent, but there should be some way to find out.


    Changing the password via phpmyadmin worked great. I had changed my password in the admin page and apparently it did not take! Once I changed via phpmyadmin I could log in again.
    Perhaps this should be added to the wiki, I forgot my password (which just says sol, reinstall)

    I have finally figured it out. Just letting everyone know that 1.2.1 works just fine now. I’m happy!

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