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  • I need the same post-ID for the first pages creted in all the sites in a multisite network, so I can format the menu buttons in css, without creating different themes for each site!

    I’m ok with deleting all the tables in the DB since no real content has been created yet, but I’d like to try an alternative way first? like… a plugin? a list of the tables next-index I have to reset after I delete all the post…

    Any idea?

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  • I found a way to do it different. I just found menu items can get classes applied. (hidden menu panel’s screen option)
    It’d be an extra step and the menus need to be created once per site (like 30 times) but it’ll work. i wish there’s a way to export the menus to all the sites, as exporting the posts, or duplicate db records to all the sites…
    Anyway it’d still be good to be able to change ID’s.

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