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  • Two years ago I had WordPress Blog with Blog. Have now re-registered with a new blog and domain name, I cannot reset my password to get my dashboard for my new domain and start the setup with WordPress. Please any support would be welcome. Thank you

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  • Are you talking about WordPress.COM sites?

    What are the domain names in question and do you have WP installed?

    If this is the same issue as your other thread, please stick with one thread – which makes it easier for people to help you.

    I’m a newbie on all this. Yes I’ve installed WP, I’ve resolved reset password. It’s now just my WP dashboard that I’m unable open up. I I may not be posting writing this correctly as I’m not up on the technical wording. I just need some help getting my dashboard so I can edit what I need to do. Thank you

    I don’t know what you mean by “open up” — are you logged in? What is the domain name of your site?

    I realize you are trying to help me. I do not know the correct terms. What I’m trying to do is to go into my WP Dashboard where I then can edit, themes, add website etc. But when I log into my WP it does not take me into my dashboard that registered with my domain name. Hope that better wording.

    Yes, sorry I’m not understanding :(. What do you see at your domain name URL? What is the URL?

    The problem is that is not allowing me to loggin I’ve tried several times using the correct User Name/password this is my problem. I can log into this is where the confusion is.

    Sorry, still not clear. Is your site on WordPress.COM? Your login there is not the same as your login here (unless you happened to set it up that way) or your login on a self-hosted site.

    For help with a WP.COM site, you need to use their forums here:

    If you’re on .COM, and can’t login, try this:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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