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    Under Nextgen Gallery/Other Options/Reset Options/Reset Settings/Reset All Options, If i click this i understand all settings will be returned to there default

    Will all the galleries and captions remain or will those be reset too?


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  • Hello @snapper65

    The reset tool indeed will bring back your NextGen Gallery default settings.
    All your galleries titles and descriptions should be ok.

    Note: If you are planning to reset, please wait until our next release if possible.

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    Hi Gaby

    That’s good, i was concerned about loosing my galleries

    You recommend waiting for the next release of Nextgen Gallery before i reset

    Why, is there something wrong with the current version?

    Hi @snapper65

    Yes, we have some issues with the reset tool.
    We can provide you a beta if you like.
    Is that ok?

    Send us a bug report here: http://www.imagely.com/report-bug, refer back to this forum thread and let them know Gaby referred you.

    Note: do not forget to include this forum thread.

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    Thanks Gaby

    I have sent the bug report

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    Plugin Support mihai-imagely


    Thanks for submitting the bug report.
    We have provided you with a beta so please try it and let us know if it worked for you.

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    Hi Mihai

    Unfortunately, I tried resetting with v3.1.17 before i received the Beta version

    Nextgen Menu completely disappeared from WordPress

    To fix this i deactivated and reactivated Nextgen Gallery Plugin and the menu returned and Nextgen was reset

    I haven’t tested the Beta version reset fix, as i don’t want to renter all my settings again

    But thank you for sending it to me


    Hi @snapper65

    Sorry for all the inconvenience.
    We’ll be releasing a final version soon.
    I’ll mark this ticket as resolved.
    Please, feel free to write us back.

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