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    I have tried to edit my file upload max in my php.ini file located in the xampp dir.

    No matter what I set the values at in upload_max_filesize or post_max or memory_limit that doesnt not correct the problem and the system wont let me upload a larger file than 2m…….

    Theme: Fluida

    any thoughts? Thanks


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  • Are you getting an error message? Or is the process timing out? Did you make sure to edit the correct php.ini file? There may be more than one depending on your setup.

    2.mp4 exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

    This is the messagethat I get. I have looked for othe ini files but no luck finding one

    Both the upload_max_filesize and the post_max_size values will probably need attention. I think the defaults are usually 2M and 8M respectively.

    You also need to restart Apache after you change and save those values in your php.ini file for them to take effect.

    Also worth noting: your post_max_size should probably be equal to or greater than the new upload_max_filesize value.

    Some XAMPP specific tutorials -link(s) goes to Google: “how to” xampp upload_max_filesize limit

    “how to” xampp max upload limit 2017 youtube

    First Clayton thks for the input
    I followed the video changed what was required etc and no luck. Below is a copy of my ini file. Pullin my hair out, what I have left .

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    First, thanks for the reply

    watched the video changed everything like in the video and still doesn’t work.

    hmmmm m out of things to try…..

    thks again

    Well for some unknown reason the problem solved itself……… is finally working today………who knows

    Thanks all

    I had the same problem but now it’s resolved by changing the value of ‘upload_max_filesize’ up to 20mb or as you want in ‘php.ini’ file you can find it in apache tab by cllicking wamp icon at bottom right corner.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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