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  • Hello,

    1) Is it possible to reset the form upon hitting submit? For example, if I have radio buttons and I choose something, it stays chosen after results are returned, and I HAVE TO choose something else within the same radio group. This shouldn’t be so IMO.

    2) Why does this plugin not use search.php for search results as “advance wp query filter does” ? I do not get my custom messages for results or for no results, as I did when using AWPQSF.

    3) Feature request: care to add a number range folder, i.e. FROM and TO textboces? This would make it complete as far as filering goes.

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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    1)You will need to edit the js to reset the from.

    2)You can use the ajax_wpqsf_reoutput() to customize the search result, and display the search result message (when no result is found) in the result.
    refer to this, on how to use the hook.

    3)You can use the range addon for this feature.


    1) How do I do this?

    2) Where do I find this?

    3) Does this work with AWPSQ or just ajax ? Anyway, any chance that you will make the price filter as text boxes as well, not just the annoying range slider? It would be good if there was the option in the add on to choose between text inputs and range slider (though I don’t know anyone who would prefer a range slider over custom input).

    Forget the second q, I just noticed you gave me a link already.

    2) OK I put the function in which changed the result text, but now whatever I choose I get the text “no post found”. It does not find what it is supposed to find (as it did before I added this).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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