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  • I moved my blog to a new domain (WordPress 2.8.5) I had to manually update the admin email address, and then request a password reset to login. The problem is that only AFTER I request a password reset, I am seeing duplicate posts for each entry. Prior to password reset I did not have the duplicate post issue.

    Is there a way to manually update the admin password using SQL?

    Also, I ran the db upgrade as requested when I browsed to /wp-admin — I wonder if after logging in it triggers some more database updates which is duplicating all my posts. (just a thought)

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  • I’ve reset the password without any problem…however after I initially login, something happens that results in duplicate posts in the database.

    I am lost here, don’t know why other than a bug that is re-inserting all the old posts more than once. It is strange that this only happens after logging in.

    the site is:

    1) update database with sql dump
    2) click /wp-admin/ (i’m immediately asked to “upgrade wp databse” — which I do by clicking the link.
    3) posts look fine at this point, so I reset password in phpmyadmin as described
    4) login with new password (at this point when I visit the blog i have 3 of everything).

    Please see.

    I done a restore myself recently (my wamp thingy was 2 versions out of date), and i did not experience any such issues, it’s simply a matter of following the correct procedure(s).

    If you have backups, you can do this as many times over as you like, you’ll not lose anything as long as you keep hold of those backups.

    NOTE: Backups should include an export of your database data, and also a copy of your wp-content folder.

    Start over and follow the instructions on the link above.

    thanks, but i already did that…I tried both sql restore (didn’t get categories or pages to show up).

    and I tried the rss import restore (same thing).

    I realized that it only created duplicates of the first 4 posts — so i just deleted the extras, but I didn’t get categories or pages into the database, not sure if they’re in the backup files (rss and sql) or if there is a bug with the older WP version.

    any suggestions on how to proceed?

    When you are installing WordPress, are you installing the version that matches the one you had installed?

    Did you have plugins installed and/or activated when taking the export of your data?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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