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  • Dion – Greetings!
    Until now I’ve had great success using Add From Server. My site has changed servers here and there, and since I’m hosting podcasts it’s a very necessary tool because these files go up to around 100MB.
    So now I’ve moved again, and the backup restore didn’t work and I have to start all over. Trouble is, Add From Server isn’t working like normal. Any file size is generating a “Page Not Found” error (and since I read in another thread you wanted to see the URL, so here it is with my domain hidden:
    Ive tried multiple, single, small and large files, but sometimes they work, more often they don’t and I get the error.
    In an effort to fix this, I’ve tried every method I could find to increase upload file size, and increase the timeout. This is on the PHP settings, I created a php.ini file, and added code to the functions.php – no effect.
    One point – this entire site was cloned (not the backup, this was after I started building it), and I noticed that AFS was still using the previous directory, so I deactivated and uninstalled the plugin, then reinstalled it; it STILL had the previous directory listed (and BTW, the top path editor has no effect on the settings – I got to the right directory using the “Parent Folder” link).
    My current settings are everything limited to 512MB (it goes up to 1GB), the timeout set at 3000. This plugin has ALWAYS functioned without issue until now, never had to change ANY settings.
    So I was wondering: If I uninstalled it then reinstalled it, where did it get the previous directory path settings? Is there a way to hunt that down and clear it?
    And, is there anything I missed?
    I’m on GoDaddy, Linux hosting (unlimited), cPanel, PHP is set at 7.1, and I have the option to use 7.0, 5.6, 5.5 & 5.4.
    Accompanying plugins are WooCommerce, Seriously Simple Podcasting, SiteOrigin (Builder, plugins and CSS Editor), XCloner, Contact 7/Flamingo, Calendar, Per Page Head (adds code to the head of specific pages), PayPal plugins…
    I dare not trash your plugin, it’s always worked before, is there anything you can suggest?…


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  • I’m having the same problem, but I’m creating a site from scratch. I keep getting the “Page Not Found” error. However, from time to time the image will upload properly. Since I cannot upload multiple files at the same time, the plugin is not doing what I need it it to do.

    I am also on GoDaddy, and I wonder if that is the problem ultimately. (I am not running any of the same plugins that you list above.) Did you find a solution?

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