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  • Hi folks,
    you can help me. I am looking for a plugin for seat reservation for a lanparty. It should also not be difficult to program one yourself if you know has. I would just radio buttons, and beside the user name or empty or already in view. Only I have no idea how I change the buttons to book as a registered user.
    The Exec-PHP plugin is obviously already out, I usually have just a new page can create.
    Please help me, if you a solution at hand yet.
    sorry, vor my bad englisch.

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  • Do you know how to write a WP plugin?
    I would add meta-content to posts. So that you can create a new post, call it “Lan Party Event 14.Feb.2009” and set a number of seats available, for example 30.
    THe plugin would then just add a post option with an array that has 30 value pairs (id and attendant name). When a user then adds himself to the event, you write his name into the “spot” in the array.
    That’s my theory, the execution is something I would expect a seasoned programmer to whip up in 5 hours.

    I wrote a plugin, with some help, that allows registered users to sign up to an event – it’s dead simple: Write post, activate the signup feature and select the category in which signups are possible. It was a custom creation for a client of mine and cost me some money too (I couldn’t handle multi-dimensional arrays 🙂 so I had to pay a programmer to get that done) so I can’t just give it away, and it would also not be useful for you since it doesn’t have fixed seats, attendant limits and such. But the process would be similar and judging my and my programmer’s speed, you should be able to get it done in 5 hours which would cost, depending on the price of the programmer, something like $400.

    Thank you for your reply. I can unfortunately not as good plugins programming.
    I know it is only the beginning:

    Plugin Name: reservation for lanparty event
    Plugin URI: http://URI_Of_Page_Describing_Plugin_and_Updates
    Description: A brief description of the Plugin.
    Version: The Plugin’s Version Number: 0.1
    Author: king999
    Author URI: http://URI_Of_The_Plugin_Author

    Your solution is good, but I can not implement because I do not
    English is so good. Could you give me detailed code exactly what I’m in the post
    should write or Screenshot or similar?
    I thank you, through you, I am now even a step further!

    Hi there
    Not a plugin, but I used the res feature at LanAddict. Works well and is free:

    My Lan Website:

    erm … if your knowledge of plugins consists of creating a text document, renaming it to .php and then add a header, then, my friend you, have a long road ahead of you 🙂

    If you need a quick solution, try klaqua’s tipp.

    If you want to learn plugin coding, then you should download simple plugins and see how they operate. Focus on adding admin options pages, adding plugin options and saving arrays in them.

    I see it, it’s still a long away.
    But I did learn, and time. The solution of klaqua is also good, but now I would still be a plugin for it, because I really love wordpress Now.
    A little about me: I’m from germany and here is my lan party page:
    Even in the German area, there are enough such websites, like those of klaqua.
    Only I like working with wordpress, so much as it can.

    Excuse my german excourse:
    King999 … wenn Du Dich ein wenig mit PHP auskennst, dann solltest Du das schon relativ rasch selber machen können.
    Ein schönes Beispiel für ein einfaches Plugin ist z.b. Resize-At-Upload-Plus. Lad es mal runter und schau Dir resize-at-upload-plus.php an.
    Du erkennst, wie man “options” erstellt, die im ganzen CMS gelten (add_option), und wie man diese auch abruft um sie einsetzen zu können.
    es ist auch sehr leicht ersichtlich, wie man im Adminmenü eine neue Plugin-Options Seite erstellt (add_options_page).
    Wie die Funktionen zusammenarbeiten, um die Adminseite dann mit einem Formular zu befüllen usw.

    Wenn Du beim Beitragschreiben Zusatzinfos verfügbar machen willst, wie z.b. eine Checkbox “IstLanParty”, wo Du dann die verfügbare Anzahl von Plätzen auch einträgst, das machst Du mit add_meta_box. Dann werden diese Infos als custom values dem Artikel beigefügt.

    Ich habe mein eigenes Plugin namens “signup” noch nicht fertig, es ist eine total simple Geschichte, wo man einen Beitrag als Event definiert und registrierte User können sich für diesen Beitrag/Event anmelden und wieder abmelden.
    So ähnlich würde es auch bei Dir funktionieren, nur eben mit Sitzplätzen.
    Ein Array ist notwendig, wie z.b.
    [[platz1:user1],[platz2:user2],[platz3:0] …. [platz30:user18]]
    und so weiter. Dann siehst Du, welcher Platz einen User hat und welcher nicht … das muss man dann leider auch noch grafisch schön darstellen, wie diese Sitzplatzreservierungstools bei den Airlines 😀

    Hoffe, ich konnte Dir ein bisschen weiterhelfen. Es ist prinzipiell nicht schwer, es fehlt oft nur der Einstieg, wie man das Ding am einfachsten umsetzt.

    Du kannst aber auch schauen, ob Eventr nicht etwas für Dich wäre.

    mores … Many many many thanks for your good support! I do not know whether I should write in German?, So again my bad english.
    I can use PHP quite little, because I have total beginners to the
    Bin area. I had 4 years ago times as Java programming language in the school hadbut since I’ve lost everything. Since we had even had the issue of arrays, but unfortunately I can no more. Your example with the resize-at-upload-plus is really nice, I have viewed it several times myself. Partly, I have also understood and major part again not. An admin page with me is not required.
    Basically, it must also not as nice as the airlines look to me if it is already I am a graphic up with the seat numbers, and then down a selection menu (see:
    For me as a beginner, it is difficult, since I downloaded the PHP language is not mastered. The second plugin (Eventr) is class, that’s what I was looking for, it should seat reservation only, then it would be perfect 😉

    Can I also somehow related to the contact form 7 Plugin solve?
    @germany: Kann ich das auch irgendwie mit den contact form 7 plugin lösen?

    ich habe es geschaft, und so sieht es aus:

    LAN-Party Anmeldung
    Name:       [text* your-name] 
    Vorname:    [text* your-vorname] 
    Straße, Nr.:    [text* your-strasse] 
    PLZ, Ort:    [text* your-ort] 
    E-Mail:    [email* your-email] 
    Telefon: [text* your-telefon] 
    [acceptance regeln] Regeln akzeptieren 
    Sitzplatznummer: [radio plan "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9" "10"]
    [submit "Senden"]

    Wie kann ich die Sitzplatznummer wegblenden lassen, die schon vergeben sind an die anderen Benutzer?

    Hmm, that’s a good solution too!

    I did some checkin on the contact form 7 website but couldn’t find anything that allows disabling of form elements.

    FYI, with “cforms II” you can have a certain contingent of submissions. But you probably can’t let the user select his seat directly.

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