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  • This was posted a year ago.

    Wondered if anyone has found a way to resend the welcome email with username/password to users if they didn’t get it the first time.

    I’m open to using a plugin to get this done too. Anything to make it happen.

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  • alas, still the only way to do it is delete then re-create user

    This is really unfortunate though I did come up with a work around.

    I’m using MailPress to modify the system emails with my own content and templates.

    So I modified the reset_pwd and retrieve_pwd emails that get sent out to welcome them. Then I manually typed each person’s email into the “lost password” form. Luckily I only had about 70 users to do. Not ideal but it got them their info in the end.

    I definitely wouldn’t suggest this for a larger site.

    And remember to go back and modify the two email to be more about reseting and retrieving the password after you are done sending the emails.

    I had the same issue and ended up writing a small plugin for myself. Basically, it adds a dropdown menu in the backend where you can choose to re-send the welcome e-mail.

    If you are interested, I can provide you the plugin, but it might not fit your use because it wasn’t written with the intention to publish it.

    This would be awesome! I don’t mind having to modify it a bit to work for me. Its good to have a starting place.

    You can contact me at gsmith6 at

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    I would really like to use your plug-in too.

    Please send to kevin at

    Thank you!!!

    Abaumg released the plugin to the community.

    No need to delete and recreate users anymore. Works well with WP 3.3.1.

    However, I’d like to point out that this plug in resets the password before resending the welcome email.

    Thanks for your feedback, oregondean! Glad to hear that it works well for you. I’ll add the information about the password reset to the description.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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