• I am sad. This plugin came up when searching for S3 media storage and this actually doesn’t allow S3 or any other S3 compatible storage. You have to use their storage, which is about $10/month for only 20 GBs. Compare this to Linode where for a flat $5/month you get 250 GBs. I was hoping I could connect this to Linode buckets but nope… Let me pay a premium fee to connect to other endpoints.

    Also when loading the settings page, it put a total overlay over it saying to switch to the connect tab to connect my account. However, there are no tabs at all and you have to load the page and be ready with the mouse to click connect before the overlay covers it.

    No, I’m not sold.

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  • Plugin Author Aaron Edwards


    We’re very sorry we didn’t meet your expectations, though your rating feels a bit unfair as we don’t advertise ourselves as being an S3 or S3-compatible integration plugin. We aim to be a comprehensive cloud storage solution that includes the necessary plugin, storage, and CDN bandwidth in one simple to setup product, with predictable pricing that is 52-96% less than any competitor’s combo.

    Also could you provide anymore info about the connect overlay issue you describe? That is certainly not normal behavior, and possibly a conflict with some other plugin on your site that we would love to fix to make sure it doesn’t happen to others!

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