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  • First off I am a programmer and web developer. I thought I would try out buddypress with wordpress because I use wordpress for my blog. I am running buddypress locally on my pc with vagrant/virtualbox …

    Buddypress itself works fine. I was really excited at first. I thought Oh wow this is cool, I can use this. I was playing around and I went to create a post and noticed there was no way to add any sort of media or emoji’s etc. It seems like things are missing all over. So I got to reading the Buddypress doc, then I got to googling.

    It turns out that in order to allow users to add media you need a plugin. rtMedia is what came up. Ok I’ll add that. Try it out. Images upload everything else fails. Come to find out you need the transcoder for that. OK I think. I add that. WELLLL… Now you need to pay $9 a month. And if you want the pretty options of rtMedia you need to pay $499 a year. Ok what about reporting and mediating? More plugins. More money.
    Want to let users edit their posts??? YEAH ANOTHER PLUGIN and More money$$$
    Want to let users share ??? yeah you got it, another plugin.

    This is as bad as the micro-transactions in games. Basically you will be plugin shopping just to create the basic feeling of a social platform. Being able to report content is very important.

    I mean it seems like everything is a damned plugin and who knows if all of these plugins will work together or with my theme or blah blah blah.
    I didn’t go much further. Who knows how many more plugins I would need to get an actual usable social platform that someone would use up and running.
    There are many other options out there that work great, look great and cost less. Media is one of the most important parts of a social platform, without that it is nothing but a boring giant comment website.

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  • Plugin Author Mathieu Viet


    Hi @akashicseer

    Thanks a lot for your review. Your point about Media is very interesting. You’re right and we know it’s a long awaited feature. I have a good and a bad news. The good news is we are doing great progress about our BP Attachments feature as a plugin project. The bad one is we’ll package it in a plugin (although it will be 100% free and open source, of course).

    If you have some available time and as you are a developer, don’t hesitate to test it and contribute to it.

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