• orionfmsg


    I was happy to find this plugin initially because it gives one the possibility to easily complete topics, lessons and even whole courses directly for students — an essential features missing in LearnDash itself. However, I then found that using this plugin requires a paid plan of the another software product (Grassblade-xapi-companion from Next Software Solutions).

    I feel that this is a huge letdown. I have had a look at the Grassblade-xapi-companion software and while it does seem to have good features as such for larger LMS installations, I feel that it is wrong to have the Manual Completions for LearnDash plugin advertised just as a way to sell licenses for the Grassblade-xapi-companion software, which provides a lot of ofther functionality which one may or may not find useful. But most will probably install the Manual Completions for LearnDash plugin for just that specific feature.

    What the plugin provider could do would be to have a lesser or limited functionality for free, for example a manual completion feature for courses, lessons and topics but no import of lists for such. I feel irritated by this misguided plugin advertising to a degree that I have gone to the trouble of writing this review. A waste of people’s time!

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