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  • Hello,

    if we add an option as required (checkbox, radio or input), the product can’t be added to cart, even if customer selects the required option.

    We have updated to 2.4.0 free version.

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  • Plugin Support Giuseppe Madaudo


    hi there,
    could you share with me the link where i can see this issue?

    Thread Starter Apolloneos



    You can check it on these product pages:

    3 The last option here opens some required radio options (Σιρόπι).

    I have disabled the Ajax add to cart function of the theme.

    Plugin Support Alessio Torrisi


    Hi there,
    I can’t replicate the issue on my local installation.
    May I ask you to try the plugin with only WooCommerce and a WordPress default theme enabled?
    It can help you understand if a conflict is occurring.
    Let us know, thank you.

    Thread Starter Apolloneos



    I have made some tests on WordPress default theme.

    The required text field works correctly.
    (On my theme the text field does not work at all if “Ajax add to cart” is enabled.)

    However, the selection of one radio or checkbox option from a list of required options does not work. It seems that it needs all required options to be selected, despite the setting “Single – User can select only ONE of the options available”.

    What can I do?

    Plugin Support Andrea Grillo



    I think the issue it’s not realated to radio button, you simply need to select all required add-ons.

    In the first add-ons block you have an add-on without default option, so if you don’t select it you can’t add the product to the cart.

    Look this video, please.

    Like you can see the add-on called: Ζάχαρη haven’t an option selected by default, this cause the issue. In my video you should see that I choose one of this and then works fine.

    Look this screenshot, too.

    Thread Starter Apolloneos



    I know about the “Ζάχαρη” option. The customer must select this and then go to select yith addons options. I have made the radio buttons to be optional, so you can add the product in cart. But, if I make it as required again, it can’t be added to cart (even if you have preselected a “Ζάχαρη” option). I have turned radio buttons as required, so you can check it again. The same happens if I use required checkboxes in the place of radio buttons.

    Also, in other the product (2), which has only a text field, it can’t be added to cart if I make it as required. So, I have left it as optional. But, we need to make it required.

    Plugin Support Andrea Grillo


    Hi @apolloneos

    thanks for explain it to me again. Now I understand the issue.

    You have set all options to required


    But the radio button allow to you to select only one option, for this reason the plugin fails. For now it’s not possible to set the Radio option like “set at least one option”.

    A workaround to doing that is to:

    1. Sett all required option to NO
    2. Set the first radio button option to “selected by default” [SCREENSHOT]

    In this way the customer found the radio button selected by default (with the first option) and don’t forget to select it.

    I know that it’s not the same but is the only available solution for now. I send your reporting to our developers for a future improvement of this feature.

    Thread Starter Apolloneos


    Hello @agengineering

    thank you for the workaround.
    It will be very useful a feature like “set at least one option”.

    About the text field on the other product, how can we make it work when ajax add to cart is enabled?

    Thread Starter Apolloneos



    I have found that the issue with “ajax add to cart” affects all options (not only text field), when the product is set as simple. If we set the product as variable, it can be added to cart.

    Plugin Support Carlos Rodríguez


    Hello there,

    Thanks for contacting us and we hope you’re doing well 😀

    Unfortunately at the moment, the ajax add to cart option is not available for addons. For this reason you cannot add addons when you use the ajax add to cart feature.

    I suggest you to keep it and use the default WooCommerce add to cart.

    I hope it helps you.

    Have a good day.

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