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    I have created a form using this plugin and it works great. However, my required fields are not being validated.

    I decided to back off creating my own form, and try the form that came with the installation of C7. It also did not validate required fields (just let me send a message without filling in ANYTHING).

    As soon as I disabled the Grid plugin, it worked fine.

    Please advise on what to try.

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  • Hi there,
    i have the same problems. The required fields validation does not work.
    I can send a form without filling any required fields. Although the system recognises the required fields. For example: when i click into an email field and fill in some non emailstring then click into an other field i get the error message directly under the email-field that i need to fill in a correct email and also i do get the error message under the other required fields.
    But when i then click “send” the mail gets sended with all the errors obviously without any validation.

    After deactivation the smart grid plugin, the validation works fine with the same form. Reactivation the plugin again. The validation does again not work.

    I would appreciate any help.
    thank you and best regards

    Hello everyone. I have the same problems and urgently ask for help!!! Thnx a lot!
    @amselrehhase Vielen Dank nochmals für die Unterstützung vorab ;D

    I have found this answer in a similar topic:

    “If it helps anyone, using the “WP Rollback” plugin to take CF7 back to version 5.5.6 seems to fix this (temporarily). That means the CF7 update to version 5.6 three weeks ago probably triggered this.
    The problem is 100% reproducible for me on several sites.”

    I will also try this solution once.

    Have a nice day!

    Now I have tested…
    I even rolled CF7 back to version 5.5. Some fields now work again, but unfortunately not all. As soon as the e-mail field is declared as mandatory, the form isn’t sent despite correct content. The error message “This is a required field” then appears.
    What a pity! I’m hoping for positive news now. Thank you!

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    I found a temporary solution, but it’s not pretty. Maybe just enough to get you by until the fix is completed.

    I deactivated this plugin (Smart Grid Layout Design) and found that the form functioned just fine. You do need to replace the shortcode with the original shortcode, and the format is back to the original C7 layout, but it works.

    When you deactivate the plugin, the form reverts to full HTML making it difficult to edit, and while I was waiting for some response from the developer, I needed to continue developing the form. so I re-activate the Grid for development, and when I was ready to go live, deactivate it again. At least I could use the form then.




    Same thing here, I hope we have a solution soon. I have been using this plugin for few years now and this is the first time I am experiencing a serious problem.


    The same here. No validation at all.

    Plugin Author Aurovrata Venet


    I attempted a fix last w.e. which did not work due to the lack of extensibility/reusability of the CF7 code.

    You can read up about my progress here.

    I now have a clear idea how to fix this, and should be able to release a fix by the end of this week.

    @aurovrata The link you shared 404’s, did you make progress?

    Plugin Author Aurovrata Venet


    aplogies, I reorganised the notes into a sub-folder. You’ll find them here.

    > did you make progress?

    I have, but still need to complete a few lines of codes and then test. I will be requesting help with the testing, so will post a link to a beta version on this thread this week hopefully.

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    This is a show stopper for me. This was a time-sensitive issue. Went to Elementor forms.

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    It was a show stopper to temp run CF7

    Plugin Author Aurovrata Venet


    @wildgeranium if you downgrade to the last version of CF7 v5.5 you will find that it works just fine.

    Anyhow, should have time this w.e. to fix this.

    Plugin Author Aurovrata Venet


    I completed v4.14 beta this we and been testing it today.

    You can download and manually upgrade to the beta release to test it on your server and let me know if you find any issues.

    Plugin Author Aurovrata Venet


    This issue should be fixed with a final release of v4.14 this week.
    v4.14.0 RC1 now fixes field validation for tabbed tables repeat fields and tabbed toggled optional fields, and if no one else finds any issues with it, I will go ahead and release it.

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