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  • Hi, i have checked in the support topics, but i can’t seem to find anything on my problem.

    I have ‘time fields’ entered into my form with the ‘required’ field set to Yes.

    The first problem is that the text… “This field is required”… is not showing for the Time field. It seems like the line of code
    <label class="error" for="vfb-1" generated="true">This field is required.</label>
    is not encoded into the Time field.

    The second problem is once again for the Time field. It seems that the class “error” is not coded in for these items when there is an error on them. You can see in the line below which is taken from my code…
    <select id="vfb-17-hour" class="vfb-select required valid" name="vfb-17[hour]">

    Surely this should look like this (note the ‘error’ in the class)…
    <select id="vfb-17-hour" class="vfb-select required valid error" name="vfb-17[hour]">

    As a note, i am using the development copy as i needed the new “Always load CSS” option.
    And sorry i can’t show a link to the site as it’s only on my pc at the moment, not on a server.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Just wondering if there was any answer to my query?!

    Here’s an image link you can look at to see my problem…

    You can see that with Date fields that the border of the required field is not red like the others, and with Date fields there is no “this field is required” text or highlighting.

    Thanks in advance

    Oh and i have just noticed the same for the Time fields is happening to the Select (dropdown) fields!

    Any chance of a reply please to let me know of any options for my query?!


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