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  • Tony de la Riva


    I have a form set up on a client’s website, and the form includes a number of required fields. Obviously the forms cannot be submitted without filling out the required fields.

    However, when submissions are made, none of the information that is entered in those required fields is included in the email. Am I missing something, or not understanding something? Is there somewhere where that info is going?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • Sounds like the form-tags and mail-tags do not match for those required fields. Check them carefully. For example:

    [email* your-email126 maxlength:45] >>> [your-email126]

    [text* your-subject maxlength:45] >>> [your-subject]

    [file* file-32 limit:50mb filetypes:pdf|doc] >>> [file-32]

    How tags work

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    Barnez, thank you so much for the quick response.

    I’ve spent some time googling the issue and also reading through your ‘How Tags Work’ guide, but I’m just not sure I’m following. Even your own example above is unclear to me. What’s on the left, and what’s on the right? And what are the arrows? Are these examples of tags ‘checked carefully’ (as you phrase it), or not checked carefully?

    Your product is free and so is your service—all of which I recognize and appreciate. But this, I think, is a valid question: Why create required fields for a form if the information entered in those fields doesn’t get passed along when the form is submitted? That’s really counter-intuitive, especially when the fields are “required.” And why is it so difficult to correlate fields and forms? One would think that a field would be inherent to a form. Isn’t that what a form is, a series of fields? Again, just seems counter-intuitive.

    Well, any further insight would be greatly appreciated. But I don’t expect you to go out of your way. It is, after all, a free service you’re providing, which I recognize. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to your response.

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    Ok, so I got it figured out. I have to say, Barnez, that your response was less than helpful.

    Under the ‘Form’ tab, you set the fields you want to appear in the form.

    Under the ‘Mail’ tab, you determine which information from the ‘Form’ tab will actually be sent in the email when the form is submitted.

    How do you do that? By taking the tags that automatically generated by the fields you add in the ‘Form’ tab, and pasting those tags into the message body area in your ‘Mail’ tab.

    Here are snapshots to demonstrate:


    And here is step two:


    The information entered in the form fields will now appear in your inbox once the form is submitted.

    [mic drop/]


    I’m not the plugin author. I provide volunteer support in the WordPress forums. My example was intended to show how the form-tag name becomes a mail-tag (the examples on the left being form-tags, and the ones after the >>>> being mail-tags). If your syntax in the mail-tag does not precisely match the form-tag name then the information in that field will not appear. This is a common problem users have with CF7.

    This is good [text* your-name] >>> [your-name] as the mail-tag matches the form-tag name.

    This is bad [text* your-name] >>> [you-name] as the mail-tag does not match the form-tag name (missing ‘r’).

    In the bad example no information will be populated in the email by the [you-name] mail-tag, despite the user completing the field in the form.

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