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  • Currently there is no usability standard for themes that are allowed in the themes directory and I think this is a problem. Arguably a blog IS a website and as such should have some common requirements for usability – especially navigation. Navigation is central to a usable web experience and so many themes fall flat on their face in this respect. It would be great if there were a simple usability requirement for inclusion in the theme directory for things such as:

    Consistent navigation (optimally breadcrumb based) on all pages
    Adherence to web standards so it will work in any browser

    Is anyone else tired of lame themes that don’t even have a link to the homepage or proper navigation? I’m not talking about making the standard so rigid that it excludes the supernumerary possible innovations in the space, it would just help to have a simple, uniform set of basic requirements.

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  • no disagreement here

    I think the problem is two fold and rather serious in its implications…

    1.Theme developers don’t always understand how to make a usable, navigable standards based theme.
    2.No WP community standards enforces any known usability, standards adherence “best practice”

    If WordPress themes (as they are now) are a hodge podge of random designs with no standard they dilute and otherwise hurt the user experience of the WP platform. Any thoughts?

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