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    I can see there is an option to require a login to purchase a download but this doesn’t enforce they need to be logged in to download.

    Is there an option for this?

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  • Hi @zerogravity

    Please navigate to Plugin Settings > Misc > Checkout.

    You can see “Require Login” option at there. Kindly tick that box and save. Below that there is a “Show Register / Login Form?” option in case if you want to show them on checkout page.

    “Require Login” option must be tick to force the user for login while purchasing with EDD.

    Thanks @pratik-jain.

    I noticed that setting. It appears that does enforce creating a login to make a purchase but it doesn’t seem to enforce being logged in to download after the purchase has been made.

    I copied the download link to another browser where I wasn’t logged in and was still able to download the PDF document.

    Ideally, if someone copied the link and emailed it to someone else they would be required to login to download. Currently it doesn’t seem like this is possible.

    Hi @zerogravity

    It looks like there is some misunderstanding. Actually Plugin Settings > Misc > Checkout > Require Login option works while purchasing the product not while downloading the download (product) file.

    You can manage the file download settings from Plugin Settings > Misc > File Downloads

    You can manage “Download Link Expiration” time, “File Download Limit” and etc.

    Once the unique link is expired then user can not download it from that URL. They have to download it from their account.

    Thanks @pratik-jain. I saw all those options and have set them. Sadly it looks like there is no option to force someone to be logged in before downloading a file.

    If the “Download Link Expiration” time or the “File Download Limit” have not expired anyone who has the link can download the file.

    A feature request would be to force login to download a file when accessing by the link.
    1) Click on the link
    2) When the link opens in a browser if the user isn’t logged into the website show the login screen.
    3) after login file downloads. 🙂


    Hi @zerogravity

    As I have said in my previous response, there is no option to achieve this.

    With “Download Link Expiration” time, link only will be available for that time. Once the time is expired then user can not download it via that link.

    As per your requirement you can do something link this,

    You want user must be logged in to download the file so you should have “My Account” page on your website where user can see his purchase history and etc.

    Downloads links are sent in a email which can be set from Plugin Settings > Emails > Purchase Receipt. Here you can set your mail content and remove the {download_list} tag so download link will not be sent with email.

    Instead of this you can add your site account link. So user must have to logged in to download the files.

    You can refer below screenshot for “My Account” reference,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I understand there is no option at the moment that is why I asked for it as a feature request in my previous post. 🙂

    Hi @zerogravity

    I hope you liked my suggestion.

    You can write your query for future enhancement here https://github.com/easydigitaldownloads/easy-digital-downloads/issues



    Yeah this is crazy..I have been trying to figure out how to protect the already purchased in your account link for weeks…woocommerce even has this method of a user having to be logged in to download from a link in your account….why EDD doesn’t have this is beyond me considering they are meant to be the best plugin for downloads….I have had to abandon EDD after months of testing for this one reason…such a shame



    I haven’t tested it yet but I was pointed to this code snippet.

    Plugin Author mordauk


    Hi folks!

    The “Force Login” code snippet that @zerogravity mentioned above does indeed work and is our recommended solution right now.

    If anyone has any questions on how to apply that to your site or how it works, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

    hi @mordauk,
    i have worked a lot on this plugin for my new digital store now that i’m checking my last items to launch my site i noticed this issue! and it’s really a big bug !

    considering the code you said: http://library.easydigitaldownloads.com/misc/require-login-to-download-files.html

    i’ve tested it. but there is another bug:
    when i purchase a link if the file is EDD internal file link it’s ok!
    but if the url is from another server or even from EDD-dropbox plugin user will see the original drop box link and that link is shareable!

    as i can not host my files on same server i have for my EDD plugin, and as EDD cannot secure urls from other servers, the only way is to use dropbox edd integration plugin.
    but the original dropbox url is shown upon hitting download button.

    is there any way i can hide dropbox original url from user who purchased item, just like files that being uploaded on edd folder inside the host that edd plugin install?

    i really appreciate any help on this case,
    cause it’s kindda critical at least for me !

    Plugin Author mordauk


    @erfanmhd When the EDD Dropbox File Store plugin is set up properly, the behavior you’re describing is not supposed to happen.

    Unfortunately the EDD Dropbox File Store plugin is a commercial plugin and, per the rules of WordPress.org, I cannot provide assistance for that plugin here.

    Please open a support ticket at our main support system and we’ll be happy to help resolve the issue.

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