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require address input?

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    [1] This isn’t built-in, but you can manually edit the Javascript file which handles the required validations. In public.js (which handles the shortcode form), look for rules like this:

    if ( lastname === '' ) {
    	$( '#dk-speakup-last-name-' + id ).addClass( 'dk-speakup-error' );
    	errors ++;

    and then add your own rules, checking the values of the fields you want to require. So to require the City field, you’d add

    if ( city === '' ) {
    	$( '#dk-speakup-city-' + id ).addClass( 'dk-speakup-error' );
    	errors ++;

    [2] There isn’t any designated signature page. The [signaturelist id=”1″] shortcode can be used to display a signature list on any page you wish. Then you can link to that page with a standard HTML link tag. Read through the shortcode documentation for further customization options.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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