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    It will be nice to get an option to make own css changes in the widgets itself (like a box where i can put my code in it).

    Make the css form the plugin in a seperate css file and optimize the features.
    I used the widget on my static homepage and now i have 215! lines on css there. That’s realy heavy 🙂 .

    When i take the css off function int he widget there is still some css on the page where it displays (see CSS-File). .cat-post-crop and .cat-post-thumbnail

    Formatting excerpt:
    a own css class for excerpts would be nice 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Floeter


    Hello Felln,

    about CSS-Box:
    With WordPress 4.7 there is a Add-CSS with the customizer feature:
    It solves not all problems. So the code’s logic is not separated and worse to update and maintain.
    We plan a Style Extension widget for our premium version. So if this WordPress feature above not helps, you can write again.

    We know it. Why we do it is the implementation of the shortcode feature and multi shortcode feature. It’s not easy to have a widget id and generate CSS for each widget instance.
    We follow the trend to add CSS inline. And as you say we discuss what is small CSS and can added as inline CSS code and what is to big.
    We consider to change this, but it’s not in our priority.

    Do you talk about the added CSS classes in the HTML code? Or CSS code/selectors?
    You are interest to render no CSS classes to the HTML if “Disable the built-in CSS for this widget” or “Disable only font styles for this widget” is checked?

    Formatting excerpt:
    The excerpt HTML is generated by WordPress core classes. And at the moment we don’t change here anything. But why not use a CSS selector like:
    .cat-post-item p { ... }
    .widget p { ... }
    This selectors don’t work for you?

    CSS-Box: I use a theme child where i can put it in already. But thank you didnÄt know that feature from the customizer. I think it’s easier for an admin when there is a box where you can put it in the widget. 🙂

    CSS-file: thumbs up 🙂

    CSS-Off: In the html code. When i use: “Mitgeliefertes CSS für diese Widget deaktivieren” there is still the two css in the html.

    Formatng excerpt: Will work but when you have more as one widget a time there you can only change it for all not for each widget seperatly or?

    Plugin Author Daniel Floeter


    CSS-Box: I wirte it to our open tasks for the upcoming Style Extension, but I don’t know if it will be implemented 😉 The reason is: There are a lot of high-level implementations for the layout we are interested in. A pass-through for CSS is not what we want to do a second time (first is the CSS file). We are also don’t want to create ‘page-builder’ functionality. Our widget should do some tasks a bit playful and other tasks with only one click.

    CSS-Off: Can you give me the name of the CSS classes or what do you mean with “… two CSS in the HTML …”?

    Formating excerpt: We give each widget instance a enque HTML id (Added as shortcode the id is: “category-posts-shortcode-9” and with the widget area the id is: “category-posts-3”).

    CSS-Off: Im html text erscheinen dann dennoch Einträge zu .cat-post-crop und .cat-post-thumbnail

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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