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  • Hi Moderators: If this is not the correct place to post this, please re-direct me.

    I have a number of wp sites. These are not multiple sites as they are each individual. Some are hosted on BlueHost and a couple will be hosted on GoDaddy. This was the only place I could purchase ssl cert’s for multiple sites and have them apply to each site. Bluehost only applies them to the main site.

    Here’s the reasons for my two queries today and the proper questions. What is simple, easy to use and “comprehendible to a simple mind like mine”, ecommerce type plugin that will accept paypal and google checkout and credit cards. I am building an audio site for my grandson and a flavored nut site for my son. I read the details on at least a dozen or more plugins and they all seem complex or need to add more stuff. I heard of one called Marketpress which someone here recommended, then someone else said was bad. I’m lost to know what will just simply work and be simple to work with.

    I am sorry this is long but my second query is concerning a different plugin that would allow me to have a few simple pages for the general public and then some private pages for distributors. I am also having to build a site for my husband’s Shed business. We are getting older and not doing anymore big renovations jobs for people. However, we have designed some cute sheds that we plan to simply be the manufacturer and have 4 distributors lined up who will sell and install the sheds for their customers. I thought to build a site where the distributors could sign in privately and give us their orders for the sheds, which we would then manufacture and ship to them. I am afraid I do not know what this type of site is called, but the descriptions of membership sites seemed very complicated and not suited to this either. Could anyone recommend a plugin for this purpose? Thanks so much for your patience and help. I appreciate it and will check into your advice, if you have any to share.

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  • For an e-commerce plugin try woocommerce and use a free woocommerce theme (this is a theme that integrate well with woocommerce). You can download the wwootiq theme from

    For the audio site (since they are digital products) you can use the easy digital downloads plugin.

    And for the third question, since you are going to restrict access try restrict content pro plugin.

    Hope this helps.

    Hello Phillip. Thank you for your recommendations. I had read the woocommerce stuff and it seemed like a lot of different add-in were necessary.
    Are you saying to use a woocommerce theme instead of a WP theme? It looks like you are saying that I would also have to get the woocommerce theme, then get the woocommerce itself then add a wwootiq theme? Is that what you are saying?
    Sorry I didn’t quite understand.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    I think Philip is confusing WooCommerce plugins (available at with WooThemes (not available at They are separate entities.

    We don’t support products not distributed on, so if you’re thinking of getting one then make sure you get support too.

    Thanks so much Andrew. Sorry to take so long to answer. From some reading up and research, MarketPress does seem to be a good option. It seems to have a lot more options even in the free plugin version. I guess the best way is to test it.

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