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    It happened a few times that I hit Publish instead of Save Draft. Despite immediately deleting the erroneously published drafts, it seems they had already escaped into other people’s RSS Readers, and there’s no way to delete them there.

    In order to prevent mistakenly publishing a draft, I wonder if it would be possible to add a pop-up feature saying “Are you SURE you want to publish?” every time the Publish button is hit.

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  • That’s a good suggestion! 🙂 You should drop off that idea in the Ideas forum too.

    Amen. This has happened to me several times, in WordPress MU. To me, this seems like a must-have no-brainer. Publishing is a major step, and it should not be so easy to accidentally publish.

    I dropped the idea off at the Ideas forum, and was subsequently told by some janeforshort character that I’m, in essence, too dumb or unfocused to click on the right button:

    This is definitely plugin territory. In 2.7 we made the “Save Draft” and “Publish buttons as far away from each other as we could on opposite corners of the publish module, so it’s really not an accidental click target you’re talking about, it’s a failure to pay attention to what you’re clicking on at all, unless you area using a pre-2.5 version of WordPress, in which case you really should upgrade for security reasons (and it would solve this problem.

    Failure to pay attention. There you go. That was certainly my first and my last time posting anything on the Ideas Forum.

    hey everybody, I just had this same problem twice last week.

    I cannot believe the reaction you got on the “Ideas” forum. Blaming accidents like this on the user rather than bad UI design is, in my opinion, unprofessional.

    I’ve searched for plugins and have found nothing. So I’ve decided to dig into things and fix this. It might just be a dirty hack (i’ve never written any plugins for wordpress before).

    When i get this finished I’ll be posting it on and I will try to reply back to this thread.


    I tried your hack and somehow managed to end up with THREE (!) publish buttons instead of one, thus increasing the chances for accidentally hitting one of them.

    However, at least I learned which file contains the code for the Publish button, so I simply changed the word “Publish” to “P”, thereby making the button a lot smaller, hence more difficult to hit by mistake.

    Big improvement. Thank you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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