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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Howdy folks!
    Been tweaking around with WP for a couple weeks now, and really digging it. The CSS and PHP can sometimes be frustrating, but I've managed to address at least my major concerns :)
    Love to get some feedback from you all about how my page looks, suggestions, things I missed, things I broke, etc. Page is at:
    CSS is at:
    The few things I couldn't accomplish myself? I'd love any helpful hints or suggestions :D
    Using the latest test post as an example (the one from 11/07/04):
    1) I'd like to make the "Edit This" text smaller than it is...
    2) I'd like to NOT underline the meta links for "Comments (0)" and "Posted in TOPIC". I thought those were both controlled by the META class, but I have text decoration for that class set to none and they are still underlined.
    3) The columns of the right-side calendar do not all stay properly aligned (this is more noticeable if you click back to "October" - some of the days are not centered in the correct position)
    4) The biggest problem I have is with the very bottom of the page - I would like to put a green HR, identical to the one at the top of the page, below the cream colored middle text column - sort of 'bookending' the main text column at top and bottom with an HR
    Any help most appreciated. Looking forward to getting started someday soon with WP! :)

  2. Mark (podz)
    Support Maven
    Posted 11 years ago #

    1. Only you see that, no-one else. To solve that anyway, create something like this
    .tiny {
    font-size: 60%;
    and then wrap the edit this part in that class.
    2. Your initial 'a' behaviour is encompassing all links. One way around that is to define a no-underline behaviour first, and then override it with specific behaviour for certain areas - such as .storycontent a, .feedback a, .footer a, #menu a etc
    The category stuff is controlled by
    ul.post-categories {}
    3. Calendar. It seems the error is related to the display of days you have posted on ?
    4. I've not looked, but do you have a full footer ?

  3. Anonymous
    Posted 11 years ago #

    1) Cool, that sounds easy enough : )
    2) Mm, that sounds pretty simple too, I'll do some tweaking on that.
    3) Nice, hadn't really noticed that - I'll see if I have something funky set for days with a post vs. those without.
    4) Not sure what you mean by 'full footer'? (sorry, I try not to be noob-ish :P)
    Thank you!

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