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  • I’ve not seen this error before and am a little concerned. With this one site, I get the error when I try to get to get to the “Scan” screen and the firewall screen. All I get is a blank screen with the following text on it:

    The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster.
    Your support ID is: 9641638101796981446

    Note: I can access all other screens:

    I tried deactivating the plugin, then reactivating it – no change. I’ve also uninstalled it, and reinstalled it. I get the same error.

    Any suggestions??

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  • Excuse me ignorance, I couldn’t see the solution in this thread.

    I have the exact same problem when clicking on Scan or Firewall within as admin in the WordFence Menu:

    The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster.

    Your support ID is: 9129405760464166744

    This did not happen a couple months back. I must say our webhost is AT&T and their PHP version is 5.3.28 – completely outdated. But WordFence worked before on that same PHP version. Maybe it’s due to a WordFence update? Is there a way to go back to an older version? Although that wouldn’t make much sense from a security point of view, would it…

    Thanks for your help.
    Daniel S

    Hi @staedeli
    The solution that worked in this thread is to activate “Delete Wordfence tables and data on deactivation” option from the plugin options page, then deactivate the plugin and delete it and re-install it again, it will appear as if it’s the first time to install it.

    Of course upgrading PHP is recommended in your case, we recommend at least version 5.6, WordPress recommends version 7 or newer.

    It’s not recommended to use older versions of any plugin including Wordfence, but if you want to try, you can get the version number you want from the changelog:
    then hit this URL:
    in your browser replacing <6.3.5> with the number you want.


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    Thanks wfalaa for your help, you’re a genius!!
    I followed your instructions and it worked for the scan tab, I can now run a complete scan, which is what I needed.
    I still get an error when clicking on the Firewall tab though:

    The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster.
    Your support ID is: 9129405760510102292

    All the other tabs open when I click them.

    BTW, we were upgraded to PHP 5.6.23, so this should not be the issue. I had a suspicion that our site was hacked, due to a bunch of nasty out of memory messages on the front end, but we restored and the messages are gone, and WF scan didn’t return any alerts.

    Our site is

    @staedeli OK, now regarding the firewall page, did you try to contact your hosting provider regarding this message you get? because on this thread also, it turned out that some web hosts can display this generic message instead of another PHP warning or something else! if this was the case, then we need the actual warning/error message to investigate this issue.


    I am having a similar problem that just appeared this first week of April 2017. I am getting an error returned when I try to go to the Wordfence Firewall page. All other Wordfence sub-pages work fine. I spoke with my service provider, and he assured me the problem lies with passing the the page request beyond the admin.php. He guided me to the directory where the admin.php is located and I was able to read the file.
    The problem string is: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=WordfenceWAF. Other Wordfence pages work fine such as /wp-admin/admin.php?page=WordfenceBlocking. I just updated the Wordfence plugin to Version 6.3.6 but that did not help. The problem according to my service provider is with WordPress. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    I tried the solution shown by wfalaa. Used WF Assistant to remove the tables and data, then reactivated Wordfence. This did not resolve the problem of blocked access to the Firewall page. In the process I lost my premium license. I saved my API key, but plugging it back in, does not reactivate my premium license. How do I get that back?

    Figured out how to re-activate my Wordfence premium license. Just had to copy it back into the API Key window then scroll down to the “Save Options” button and press it. I am just a Newbie stumbling around the interfaces.

    If you are a premium customer please send in a ticket via This forum on is intended for free customer support only.

    Thanks in advance!

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