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  • I have had some spam comments getting through and when I went to update my comment mod listing in 1.5 I keep getting the following message after I hit update options.

    Not Acceptable
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /wp-admin/options.php could not be found on this server.

    does anyone know why I am getting this?

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  • Check if the option.php file is present in your wp-admin directory if not reupload it

    I have it and I re-uploaded to make sure and I am still getting the error

    I’m getting the same error after entering the login prompt. It’s a configuration issue with my Apache server I believe- has anyone else encountered and resolved this?

    I resolved this by changing over from TSW (The Saint WAMP) to WAMP5 1.4.4. Appears to have been a configuration issue with Apache and this was my easiest fix.

    I got the error while writing a page. What caused the problem with me is that somewhere in the page I had written
    (so the three characters t, o and colon). I think WP interpreted it as some sort of command (not sure why), while it was just normal text. I solved the problem by changing the text to
    to& #58;
    & #58; being the HTML-code for the colon. Perhaps this will help anyone else to solve the matter.

    (edit</i> there should not be a space between the ampersand and the hash-sign, but otherwise I can’t post the code here.)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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