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  • Hello,

    What would be really cool is to have the widget (optionally) display the stream(s) if it is live. So if a stream is offline, it looks just like the status widget, states its offline, with a link. However if one of the listed streams is online/live, then it displays it below the link to the stream. I am aware it would be a very small window, but the point is if a user has something visual to click on, they are much more likely to actually go to the stream, or simply watch it fullscreen from within your own website.

    No idea how wordpress coding works, but surely just some kind of IF statement, where IF Live, then display the shortcode for an embed stream?

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  • Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas



    Those features are planned for future releases:

    • Choose thumbnails/screen caps instead of text links
    • Option to hide offline streams

    I think it suits your case quite well.


    It sounds good and I look forward to the updates, but it also sounds like it won’t display the stream itself within the widget?

    For example at they have a stream in the top right sidebar. If no stream is online the widget/block is not visible. I would prefer to keep it visible, and like how this plugin does it, just would be nice if it displayed the stream if it was live within the widget (and not just thumbnails).

    If I’m the only one who wants it and its a lot of work, then ignore me 🙂

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    The issue is that for majority of themes I think the sidebar is not large enough to hold the embed for it to look reasonably. But since there will be options to display a plain text link (like now), screen cap (from live stream), static thumbnail (from stream info), I don’t see why we could not add an option to display an embed.
    With all that said, it can be implemented, but need to weigh all pros and cons and how much people would use it. So for now I don’t say neither no nor yes 🙂

    Just to keep trying to sell it to you and other users because it’s something I would really like 🙂 By having something visual to click on, they are more likely to do it. Adverts on websites for example are always banners with moving images, as these draw the users attention more than a block of text. Also, having the embed stream counts towards the number of viewers. often has a boring stream up, but because its embed in the sidebar when its live, they have near enough 1000 viewers at any given time. Plus you can go full screen from within the embed stream, allowing you to actually see something 🙂

    Anyway, I will stop now, I promise 🙂 I look forward to any and all updates to the plugin.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    I just had an idea for your case. What about using a simple text widget and put a livestream embed shortcode there?

    First thing I did to make sure it was possible to display a stream in a widget anyway 🙂 However when the stream(s) is offline it displays the offline image, so still taking up the space in the sidebar. When it is offline I want to hide the stream, so not using up that space in the sidebar.

    Plugin Author Tadas Krivickas


    I assume you are also thinking of autoplay (as in the site you have given as an example). I think that should be limited to one stream. Imagine if you have several streams as embeds in the sidebar and on page load all of them start playing…

    That is a very good point which I hadn’t thought of. Yes autoplay would be nice, but how to pick who plays and who doesn’t. I guess main options are either the stream with the most viewers plays (as obviously the more popular one), or it randomly selects a live stream with each page load.

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