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  1. nudnik
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'd really like that wherever a user logs in, the layout of the post page remains constant.

    As is, WordPress seems to set a cookie for that browser that retains information like resized boxes, which are open and closed, and rearranging of boxes.

    I would really like if the cookie info could be stored in a user's meta, and retrieved to overwrite an existing cookie on the computer (if one exists) on login.

    This way, posting on a different browser does not entail first rearranging boxes, resizing fields, and opening closed items.

    It would also enable an administrator to set a default layout that may make it easier for new users.

  2. dherren
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I like that idea as well--it might force a solution to the problem I posted yesterday:


    namely, that they cookie format from the 2.0.x tree to the 2.3.x tree has changed the delimiter of the cookie array from a comma (2.0.x) to the vertical bar in the 2.3.x tree. As near as I can tell, the cookies are otherwise identical, but this delimiter change causes problems when one has to administer multiple blogs in the same domain with different versions...

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