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    Hello Sergio,

    Thank you for creating this plugin! After reviewing and seeing it infringes the Matomo trademark and as supported by the WordPress Plugins Trademark Enforcement guidelines: we would request your support and make the following changes to your plugin in the next month:

    * Rename the plugin from “Matomo Tracking, by Sergio Santos” to “Include Tracker for Matomo, by Sergio Santos”
    * In the first sentence of the description, write:

    This plugin lets you integrate your existing Matomo On-Premise into WordPress. If you don't already have a working Matomo (either <a href=''>On-Premise</a> or <a href=''>Matomo Cloud</a>), use the <a href=''>Matomo Analytics</a> plugin instead.

    Would you be able to make these changes as soon as possible?

    Thank you for your understanding and quick help.
    Best regards,

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  • Plugin Author Sergio S.


    Hi, @matomoteam . Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    The name may not have been the best choice, but it was one i made a very long time ago.

    I understand that this plugin may now compete with your own solutions. This wasn’t my initial intention, and i’ll do my best to avoid any unnecessary friction.

    Because that might be seen as an endorsement on my part, i’d prefer not to include specific names or direct links.

    In order to make my plugin comply with’s trademark policies, i propose the following:

    • Change the name to “Tracking code for Matomo, by Sergio Santos”.
    • Study the possibility of renaming the slug to something more suitable.
    • Exclude any images from the product (e.g. banner).
    • Update the existing description to:

      This simple plugin helps you include the tracking code for Matomo into your WordPress website, for an easier integration.
      For more information about Matomo, visit .

    • Append the following disclaimer to the new description:

      Matomo is a registered trademark of its original owner. The name “Matomo” is used for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their product brand, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. This plugin is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, authorized, endorsed, maintained by, or in any way officially connected with Matomo.

    Hopefully, this will be enough.

    I will be making these changes as quickly as possible – this week still, if i find the time.

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    Plugin Author Sergio S.


    Hello again, @matomoteam ,

    I take this kind of thing quite seriously, so i wanted to fix the issue without delay.

    I have just published an update meant especially to address any trademark infringements. Please have a look. Hopefully, that will have been enough.

    I looked into changing the slug of the plugin. For technical reasons, very rarely allows that. Still, if you feel it’s absolutely necessary, let me know and i’ll present our case to them.

    I appreciated your patience and understanding. If i neglected to fix anything else, please inform me.

    Best regards,

    Thank you for your quick answers!

    The changes made to the description are great, very clear.
    We confirm we wouldn’t otherwise require the slug change.

    Regarding the name of the plugin however, we find it can still lead to confusion because “Tracking code for Matomo” is an official term we use in the product, see for example:
    where the first title is “Finding the Matomo Tracking Code”

    This is why we suggest the plugin name indicates more clearly for example “Include Tracker for Matomo, by Sergio Santos” or “Include Tracking Code for Matomo, by Sergio Santos”, or do you maybe have another suggestion of a name?

    Thank you for your time,
    Best regards,

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    Plugin Author Sergio S.


    I don’t disagree that “Tracking code for Matomo” bears some resemblance to “Matomo Tracking Code”, but i’ll point out that:

    • I chose to write in lowercase. It’s a tracking code, not the Tracking Code.
    • “tracking code” is a generic expression.
    • The official term i see on that page seems to be “Matomo Tracking Code”. Otherwise, i can only find a number of generical references to “tracking code”.
    • I can’t think of a more accurate title than “tracking code for [something]” to describe what this kind of plugin is and does.
    • As a general rule, the plugin title should be as succinct and accurate as possible. Prepending a verb would defeat that purpose, make it look out of place among most other plugins on .
    • The small, generic icon on the plugin is quite different from the official Matomo logo and app colour scheme. This should further help avoid confusion.

    As it is now, i fail to see how my plugin violates trademarks.

    I believe my plugin is still chosen by users because it is about as lightweight and uncomplicated as can be. Here is how my plugin compares to the two currently most relevant solutions:

    • Compressed, version 1.0.3 of takes up nearly 16MiB.
    • Compressed, version 1.0.22 of is close to 1MiB.
    • Both of the above require generating an auth token on Matomo.
    • My plugin, compressed, takes up less than 20KiB and requires nothing but the site Id and address; and it has just one discrete and plain-looking settings page.

    I created my plugin as a free service to others, at a personal expense, and i believe it has made a humble contribution to the growth of Matomo. Your insistence on dictating what my plugin’s name should be is causing me stress, and i’m thinking it might be easier to take down the plugin altogether. I’ve contacted to ask for guidance and help.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep


    Okay so historically, precedent has been that naming things “Sergio Santos’s Tracking code for Matomo” is acceptable, and as long as the readme says the plugin is not official (even with a simple “This Unofficial plugin lets you…” at the start) is sufficient. That’s something that many separate legal teams have agreed on. It’s clear that it’s not official at that point.

    However @matomoteam you do have the legal right to demand no plugin use your trademarked name in plugin names (or slugs) at all, and if that’s what you want, we will enforce it. We just want to remind you that we’re trying to be an open source community here, and it’s hard to foster people who actually want to make your product more popular and used if you’re too strict. Other companies have, and they now have no community plugins at all, just official ones that aren’t used by anyone 🙁

    Our goal here is to let users have code that is safe, that works, and inspires other developers to make more cool things. That includes both of you 🙂 We hope you’re willing to compromise!

    @sergiorcs82 If you want to close your plugin to avoid this faff, we totally understand. Just email us (plugins@...) and we’ll close it.

    @matomoteam If you want to hard-line enforce your trademark, email with exactly what you require and we’ll work it out with you too.

    Plugin Author Sergio S.


    Hi, @ipstenu !

    Thanks for your assistance. I went and made the adjustments you suggested.

    The description i can live with. The new name makes me cringe. I’m not that important that something should bear my name so explicitly.

    I did include my name to be able to take a bit of credit, to maybe help me get a few more gigs and make a little more money. Placing my name ahead of the actual title screams of “Look at me, this is my plugin. I’m damn important, and you should notice me.”. I hate it.

    @matomoteam , can we please put the name back to “Tracking code for Matomo, by Sergio Santos”?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    The new name makes me cringe. I’m not that important that something should bear my name so explicitly

    I hear you. There are other names, I was just picking the one most people use.

    There are also the fun names like “Hello Mato – Tracking Code for Matomo”

    Thank you for your quick answers! @sergiorcs82 @ipstenu

    > @matomoteam , can we please put the name back to “Tracking code for Matomo, by Sergio Santos”?

    Yes, you can put the name back to “Tracking code for Matomo, by Sergio Santos”, we are happy that this name does not create confusion. Thanks again for your help.

    Best regards,

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