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    I would request to transfer ownership of the plugin “Broken Link Checker” which has not been updated in several years, is no longer compatible with current PHP versions, and I understand has been sold to your organization.

    My handle on is “HongPong” ( ) and I have been a free software community participant and contributor since 2005 on WordPress and for 12 years in the Drupal community. I have experience with similar link scanning software having worked on “linkback” and “vinculum” modules in Drupal 7 and 8 which perform remote checks on inbound and outbound links including Webmentions. I also have extensive experience with managing community open source software packages including issue queues, code quality, linting, security, maintainability and so on.

    If there are any concerns about this, please let me know. I believe this is appropriate since this is a widely used plugin by the community and it should be maintained in the interest of the overall health of the Internet’s killer feature: working links.

    Best regards,
    Dan Feidt (

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  • Hi all,

    I am really glad to hear that the team is committed to working on the regular maintenance of the plugin and supporting the community. This seems to fulfill the main goal of forking which is to get positive improvements going for everyone. Thus I withdraw my request to take over management of this community plugin.

    (sorry for delay in response, I got rather sick when I was planning to revisit everything, then had to launch a new site, you know how it goes…)

    To @tomusher I would say that I have not earned any real contributor credits on this plugin yet and should not be credited that way.

    I have not changed any DB structure on the fork compared to the main line, simply included other folks improved DB commit structure which seems to improve the stability.

    Re the future of the fork here is what I am thinking:
    – On the readme the fork will get dubbed “Broken Link Checker Unlimited” to distinguish it from the mainline plugin. However I will leave the URL as it is now. (hopefully if the readme is updated, this will not cause needless confusion but if its a serious problem let me know.)
    – post PRs to the fork if you like!!
    – I am not going to delete the fork, and I will leave the issues that I wrote up available, in case people want to tackle them or use them as ideas.
    – I would be down to keep taking on patches from the community over there, and if they get rolled into the main line that is good as well. I would still backport changes from the main line to it (or if anyone else wants to submit PRs there that’s great)
    – I will avoid changing the DB structure, so that, in theory, the fork can be swapped as one would expect with the mainline plugin, without surprises. (however there was someone who observed that the null values should be stored a little differently to match the latest mysql defaults, this could be explored but would mean that the fork data would not easily interoperate with the mainline plugin data, so I am not inclined to mess with it).
    – If the fork really gets rolling, let’s say at the beginning of 2020, I would consider submitting it as a full alternative plugin to the WordPress community. It should be clear by that time if that makes sense or if it just sensible to leave it as a modest community fork.
    – I am still particularly interested in scrubbing AMP urls to replace with proper ones, as well as scrubbing ugly ?FBCLID query string pollution. Down with badly behaved mega-vendor URL pollution, am I right folks?!
    – This also gives me, and anyone else interested, a bit of a free hand to reshuffle and reoptimize the plugin as “I would like it to be” rather than the priorities of maximizing backwards compatibility, conservatively minimizing changes and so on.

    I would hope that the github version maintained by ManageWP is kept up to date so that no confusing SVN/git divergences occur.

    Personally I learned quite a bit in this process and I appreciate the positive community discussion around here. I feel like all of this is worth the effort because we really need free software and high quality hyperlinks to be available on the interwebs.

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!!

    Same opinion here: if HongPong is so active in maintaining the plug-in already, please transfer the ownership of Broken Link Checker to him.

    Thanks for the great work, BLC is undispensable for me!



    I support this being transferred so that it can remain in active development status with issues being timely fixed, etc.



    Yes, it seems that after the request was made the original people came back for a quick minute and things are back to nothing being done all over again.



    Like gooma2 said above, nothing has been done by ManageWP in the meantime for almost 3 months. Do what you promise or say nothing, Nemanja Aleksic.

    I agree with someone else taking over the plugin at this point… If you don’t plan to monetize the plugin, and understandably can’t assign resources for developing it, why let it die? Someone can attribute you as the original developer.


    Hey @hongpong, did the original people say you couldn’t take this over and then just disappear? Very weird, but I know how people can suddenly get interested in something when someone else shows a bit of interest and then lose it just as quickly.

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    The owners have made it clear they will not accept any adoption, so I’m closing this post.

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