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  • Plugin Author Jennifer M. Dodd


    It could be. bbPress manages subscriptions on a per-topic level, which means that creating a per-forum system would be an interesting hybrid of the existing subscription functions and the plugin.

    I could use existing bbPress functionality to automagically subscribe users to all (new) topics in their subscribed forums. This allows granularity and the ability to unsubscribe from a topic, and the only email template I’d need to add would be for sending out new topic notifications.

    It would be perfect for me also!! I have a forum that is important news for students in a course, I want them to have always the email notification for that specific forum. I’m the administrator and want to suscribe all the students by default.
    Would it be possible with your fantastic idea?

    When do you think the option could be included? I would love to have the ability for someone to subscribe to receive daily emails of all the new/updated posts/topics in the forum.

    I agree. This would be a great feature.

    Here’s a modified request –

    Allow users to selectively subscribe to individual forums/sub-forums (via their profile page) and be sent notifications of a new topic or reply. bbPress Digest sorta does this, but only sends out daily or weekly digests.

    Plugin Author Jennifer M. Dodd


    This looks like a really popular feature request; I’ll poke at this a bit over the weekend and see if it should go into bbPress Email Notifications or be a separate plugin.

    Hi Jennifer,
    thanks for your plugin!

    Now that bbPress 2.3 is stable we converted our old BuddyPress Group Forums to bbPress. We used BuddyPress Group Email Subscription Plugin before and were very happy with this. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with bbPress Forums.
    Like andreammz we use the forums e.g. for students and need the functionality / options:
    – sent email when new topics are posted inside of forum / group
    – sent email when new reply is posted inside of forum / group
    – sent daily digest
    – sent weekly digest
    – admin can preset the kind of notices (digest/direct/none) for the group

    Are there any news on at least per forum subscription?
    Or do you think it would be possible to cooperate with BuddyPress Group Email Subscription Plugin? Or making one plugin out of yours and bbPress Digest? (Yours has the good thing that the setting is inside of BuddyPress members, not in WP admin, and yours works better with buddypress)
    btw there is also aticket on bbpress to include the per forum notification into core:

    uuh wait, I just gave it another try, the BuddyPress Group Email Subscription Plugin works with the bbPress group forums! Yeah!

    So please ignore my post 🙂

    Your plugin is now a good addition for us to get noticed by moving or merging posts. Thanks a lot, Jennifer!

    I also am looking for a plugin to allow my users to subscribe to any new topics or posts. Ideally give them an option to receive individual email messages per new post or a daily digest containing all posts in one message.

    My bbPress forum is low traffic, so I am not worried about inundating my userbase (less than 100 users)

    Thanks and keep up the great work!



    I’m very interested as well into a per user subscription to all new replies of a forum.

    I’ve tried many bbpress plugin, and for now it’s impossible. Only the RSS feed let the user (based on his own choice) to subscribe or not to all replies of a specific forum.

    Could you consider adding this option ?

    Thank you very much,


    I am using Pinboard theme, which I know has not been tested with bbpress group email subscription (and unfortunately isn’t currently working with it), though I’m hoping that will change soon?

    Has anything in accordance with xmasons request at the start of this thread been created? I have an updated website and need to be able to establish a strong start for our new bbpress forums by having everyone receive all posts there until/unless they choose to opt out of certain topics/forums.

    This feature would be awesome and much awaited. Its very strange for a forum moderator not to be able to subscribe to an entire forum, making bbPress a not so cool software for ie an organization with multiple moderators covering multiple forums.

    I found a great plugin that has solved this issue for me. bbPress Notify

    bbPress Notify doesn’t solve the problem for me, because it doesn’t cover the Forum roles, only the WordPress roles.
    However bbPress Notify (No Spam) has extended role management and does exactly what I want. I can set notifications to go to Forum Participants, set existing posters as Participants, and new users as No Forum Role. When a new user posts they automatically become Participants and start being notified. If they ask not to be notified I can downgrade them. Don’t use the Spectator role: it prevents the user from posting.

    @wpshowcase maybe you missed it, but the new bbPress version has this functionality without any additional plugin

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