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[Resolved] Request: Perform PNG2JPG only manually

  • Hi Dev-

    Thanks for the handy plugin. I was playing around with the new PNG2JPG option in the dev version, which is very useful in specific cases. However, I’d like to not apply that filter on upload. (Otherwise the plugin would have to read users’ minds about whether they made a png on purpose, or if they just didn’t know any different. 🙂 )

    Maybe one way to handle that is if JPG2PNG is checked, then, in the Media browser, the optimize column would offer two options for PNGS: “Optimize PNG” and “Convert PNG->JPG”.

    It does complicate your currently nice, straightforward plugin, but the lossy possibilities also really change the stakes!

    Thanks again for the useful plugin,



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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Just so you’re aware, png2jpg has been in the stable version for quite some time, no need to use ‘dev’ for that.

    Anyway, I totally understand your concern, but I decided against that quite some time ago, because I didn’t want to use more space in the media library for yet another link/option.

    An alternative, since you are looking for something with manual intervention required anyway, is to simply visit the settings, turn the option on, and then you can pick and choose which ones to convert. When you’re done, just make sure to turn it back off.

    Additonally, if you leave the ‘delete originals’ option unchecked, any images that are accidentally converted can be reverted as well.

    Hope that helps!

    Hi Dev-

    Thanks for your reply. I understand your decision not to complicate things any more than necessary. I’m planning on ticking the option then manually converting images. (The only possible gotcha to that method is when many people are uploading media at any given time. It’s a minor gotcha, though.)

    Thanks again for your time spent on the plugin,


    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    aha, that’s what I was looking for. I’m a sucker for a problem, but this is a tough nut to crack. My primary dilemma is that I don’t want to go above 4 rows of text in the media library view. I could put a conversion link next to the ‘Optimize Now’/’Re-Optimize’ link, but I’m not sure what to call it to keep it short enough, other than just plain old ‘Convert’, which may not be clear to people what exactly that does. Or, what if I put the specific operation as the text?

    So for a PNG, that line would look like this:
    Re-Optimize | PNG to JPG
    Re-Optimize | Convert

    Any ideas on that?

    I prefer “Re-Optimize | PNG to JPG” because it’s a touch more straightforward.

    Also, if that link is only available if the PNG>JPG option is checked, maybe you can assume that the user is a slightly more advanced user? I’d generally say that the options you list under Conversion Settings are for more advanced users. So maybe they can handle a bit more complexity, and also might read the manual? (Oh wait, that last part’s not true, ha ha.)

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    The link would be available all the time, as there’s currently no other toggle, and the existing conversion options are an ‘all or nothing’ type deal, so I’m not sure it IS safe to assume they are advanced users.

    So long as the ‘delete originals’ option is left off though (it’s off by default), it would be easy to fix the problem if a user accidentally converted an image they shouldn’t have. That way, if someone converts an image, and then goes and looks at it and says, ‘yuck, I don’t like the way that turned out’, they can go back and fix it easily.

    I know people are trained to just click OK, but maybe a confirmation dialog would be acceptable/helpful that contains the verbage from the settings page when they click the ‘PNG to JPG’ link?

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Hmm, scratch that, the idea of confirmation dialog boxes is really bothering me. How about a hover text when they mouse over the links?

    I agree that a confirmation dialog each time would be annoying, but tooltip text would be helpful.

    I also agree that keeping the originals is a nice safety feature!

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Ok, it was easier than I expected (although the tooltips took some research). It’s all in the latest dev.

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    There was a quirk with the styling that I fixed this morning. I was using 3.6 on my dev box that includes tooltip styling apparently.

    Also added a toggle on the settings page to turn off the links entirely, in case Network admins want to block the setting for individual blogs.

    OK, that’s pretty awesome.

    What I saw was after optimizing a PNG, the Optimize Now! link became Re-optimize | PNG to JPG. (There were no surprises, which is a good thing.)

    I did un-check the setting “enable PNG to JPG conversion” because I’d still prefer to only manually convert. One thought: The helper text for the setting doesn’t say anything about when the conversion is applied. If ticking the checkbox means that the images are converted upon upload, it might be helpful to say something to that effect.

    Also, the tooltip text is a nice touch. Lots of users have no idea how the various formats differ.

    Thanks for accommodating my request!

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Thanks for the feedback. And, you caught a mistake too. The conversion links should be present even on an un-optimized image, I didn’t even think to look at that section of code.

    I’ve cleaned up the settings page a bit (mostly the conversion settings area) and provided clarification on when the conversion operations are applied. If you can think of any further improvements there, let me know.

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