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  1. bigdrobek
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I work with approving articles, which comes to me in status "Pending reviews". If I want to not approve the article, I want to change the status from "Pending reviews" to "Draft".
    Right now I should do 5 clicks to do it
    1. click on edit next to "Status: Pending Review"
    2. click to roll-on
    3. choose draft
    4. click to OK
    5. and than finally "safe draft"

    If the article come as a "Pending Review" there is a button in publish menu "safe as a pending". But I dont see any usage of this button if the post is already "pending reviews".

    Can you change the button to "save draft" instead of "safe as a pending" if the article come in status "Pending Review".

    I use WPMU 3.2.1

    Hope you understand :)


    PS:Why? Because I use plug-in which send email to writer of the post when the status was changed "draft" or "publish"

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