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  • I really would like to see a common CMS-feature in WP:

    Submit a review for changes on an already published page – while that page remains in the last revised/published version until the changes a reviewed by an editor.

    At the moment, a post’s entry in the database knows only post_status published/inherit that goes along with post_type post/static/revision and revisions of a post are related to their published post by post_parent.

    An overwiew can be seen at Michael H’s Testing Page.

    It doesn’t seem, as if there is a way of keeping post #5 published + static and handle a changed post e.g. #120 – related to #5 – as pending in the same time.

    This produces an illogical work-flow / capability issue: a user isn’t allow to publish pages or posts, but in the same time publishes changes to already published posts or pages, when given the cap “edit_published_posts/pages”.

    Editing is editing and publishing is publishing, even if there’s already a published version of that post/page. And if a user should not publish_pages, this should (imho) refer to all kind of statuses and types.

    Any comment, agreement or disagreement is welcome.

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  • I agree! We have helped people set up sites and they love wordpress because they can update the content themselves. But this also has its downsides because of a) lack of consistent application of editorial rules b) unchecked content being added to pages (typos, errors and so on) c) random formatting changes applied to pages.

    Ideally we need users to be able to edit, but then we, as administrators, check, amend and publish the content. Yes we can do this in posts, but many people are using pages to build the body of their site.

    Simply allowing permissions to be set to “edit only” and “publish” would make a huge difference.


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