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    SC already has the ability to define multi-day events. I would like the ability to “hide” all events for a specified period. For example, I have calendar for our book shop. When I schedule an event for the entire month, it shows up on Sundays – a day we are closed. So if I could “hide” events for Sundays, then the customer would not think we are open. Or “hide” events for Memorial Day so nothing is on the calendar from the customer’s point of view for that day.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind as a future enhancement.

    Bev, is SC open source so that anyone can work on it? I have programming skills (33 years as a programmer at IBM and other). Might be fun to design and write some code. No cash changing hands assumed.

    Hi Doug,

    If you would like to make the updates I would be happy to incorporate your edits into the plugin and check it in, giving you credit of course.



    Library control system? Is this code under SourceForge? How does it get tested? I assume I need to update the testcase set too.

    You can just update your copy and send it to me. The WordPress repository handles the version control.

    Please give me your email address so that I can send the changed files to you (spiffy-calendar.php and readme.txt). It’s ready to go.

    Great! You can send it to

    Bev, I sent the code to you a week ago. I’d sure like to be able to use it on our website. I understand about integration and testing – things take time. Do you have a schedule for when it will be available?

    Hi Doug, Is there any reason why you aren’t using your version already? I just assumed you would be. I did receive the code and hope to have time to look at it over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for contributing to the project!

    Bev, I figured out how to use my zip file to install my stuff in WP. Thanks. However, when I installed it and tried to use it, it didn’t pay any attention to my categories – even though I had entered them. I uninstalled my version and installed the old version to get my calendar back online (I had to re-enter all the data). I messed around looking to make sure I really had installed my version. Finally, I reinstalled my version and discovered that there is an installation flag to show/hide categories! Apparently, if you configure to not have categories, you can still enter them – they just don’t get used! That’s just wrong.

    I would like to fix that problem. Should I open a new issue and call this one resolved?

    Hi Doug,

    I don’t want to change the category setup. The way it is now allows people to have categories in the back end while not displaying them in the front end. It has been this way for several years and I wouldn’t want to change it on people now.

    Thanks for your contribution to the “Hide Event”


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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