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  • Hi there … I have been searching all over the place to find this but I just can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    What I am looking for is a Karate plugin that displays the results of a competition/tournament.

    I’ll try to be as clear as possible as to what I am looking for…

    We have about 10 to 15 tournaments a year so I would like to be able to create a tournament + year and then select the competitors from the WP user database.
    Once I select the competitor I would like to be able to add the age, weight, sex, kyu (belt) and result (1,2 or 3rd place).

    I would then like to be able to add all the competitors to the tournament.

    Once this is finished I would like to be able to open a page or pop-up where I can select the results from everyone in that tournament, for all tournaments and ofcourse to be able to select all results from person x or tournament x from year x till year y .

    An export function to csv or a print option would be nice but just something extra 🙂

    It doesn’t seem too hard but I am not skilled at all where it comes to databases or creating plugins.

    Is anyone able to help me out???

    Kind regards,


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