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  • Resolved Paul Gibbs


    Two requests:

    – A “Hide Field” option per block.
    – A “default value” property for each block.

    It’d be interesting to be able to hide a field block in conjunction with being able to set default values (not placeholder text) for a field.

    For example, I might want to set-up a hidden form field with a hardcoded value, that I can then use in my email template.

    Another example is to use a Calculation field to calculate a value. I don’t want to show it on the form page, but I do want that Calculation value included in my email.

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  • Plugin Author Munir Kamal


    Hi @djpaul,

    Thank you so much for testing and passing feedback & suggestions.

    1) Hidden Field Block will be added. Created an issue to do it.

    2) Default values may already be added. Simply put the values in the text field while creating your form and it will serve as default value. And for the select, radio, checkbox field click on those you want to set as default and it works.

    Please try and let me know. If it works please mark this issue as resolved.

    Thanks – for default values, if I set this in a Name or Message field (I haven’t tested the others), then it becomes the placeholder= value, not the element’s value=.

    To be clear, not a default value, I meant not a field placeholder= attribute, but the initial value state of the field.

    Plugin Author Munir Kamal


    Hi @djpaul

    I see. Yeah I was mistakenit. That sets as a placeholder and not the default value for the text field. What would be the use case for a default value for these text fields?


    I agree a default value for text fields is a weak argument by itself, but a default value for a Hidden text input field would let a site owner capture extra data that would be stored alongside the form responses.

    For example, a site may have multiple contact forms which are identical, apart from a hidden field value that holds some name or ID.

    Plugin Author Munir Kamal


    Yeah, I agree on the hidden field default value. I’ve noted it to the GitHub issue.

    Closing this ticket as it’s recorded in Github to follow.

    Also voting for a “Hidden Field”-type and default-values for all form-field-types.

    Plugin Author Munir Kamal


    Hey @dumboxp & @djpaul

    The hidden field type has been added in the latest version 1.5.0 released today. You can type in any static value in it or insert a dynamic value via an easy to use inserter available with it.

    Quick Preview:


    That’s so great!!
    Thank you very much for this elegant solution! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Plugin Author Munir Kamal



    Glad you like it.
    keep your feedback coming in. πŸ˜‡

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