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  1. Jayenkai
    Posted 6 years ago #

    OK, AGameAWeek.com's starting (!) to get a bit messy, so I need a bit of help.
    I would've done this myself, but I'm really not in a coding mood, right now!

    What I really really need is a nice big simple ye-olde database with a few little slots.

    Title of game
    Link to Blog page
    Release Date (probably just a good old number! yyyy-mm-dd)
    Download Link
    Screenshot (Thumbnail) Link
    Screenshot (Fullsized) Link
    Quicky description

    Then the ability to organise that into a table so it looks fairly decent, add list order sorting header things up top, and then possibly even add a search to it.

    [Title+Blog link] | Release | [Download link] | [screenshot Thumb+Link] Desc | Genre

    No uploads, no gallery, no "OMG!AMAZEENG!"... Just a bunch of text being plonked into a good old fashioned database, then spewed back out onto a table afterwards.
    Surely that's not as hard as the internet's making it out to be, is it?!

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