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  • Hello !
    I have a WordPress website and i’m proud to say that it’s the best script that i ever found on internet.
    It is cool but it also needs few improvements and i’m sure many users will agree with me.

    I’d like to ask you PLEASE… to add a new option to posts & comments.

    You know that at “Blog Stats” administrators can see “Top Posts” that have been accessed by internet users every day.
    That are the posts most searched by internet users and after many other posts they can’t be seen on the 1’st page so i’d like to ask you please to add a “MOVE TO” option to posts and comments.

    Eg. Selecting a post and press:
    “Move To” -> TOP (top of all posts on the 1’st page)
    Select a comment an press:
    “Move To” -> “select_post” to be moved to (because some users add comments that do not fit to the post title and they need to be moved to other posts that actualy fits to the subject.

    I hope you understood what i wanted to say.

    Thank You ! & sorry for my bad english.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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