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  • I have struggled to find a blog writing application for pocket pc (windows mobile 2003) thatworks with wordpress.

    So I am thinking maybe we could attack from the other way round and have a windows mobile version of the admin?

    Obviously admin is packed with features especially if you have alot of plugins, however it could be a simple admin page that allows for managing of posts – writing, editing and deleting and that is all.

    I can login to my admin from my pocket pc but the page looks screwed up and I cannot post.

    Please can this be considered? There are millions of pocket pc users out there and blog writing tools for wordpress are very little. It would be great to be able to post from a mini admin page.

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  • microsoft has a program called livewriter, which supports wordpress pretty good. maybe its for a pda aswell.

    AFAIK, WLW isn’t set up for moblogging. It’s still beta so maybe by release?

    Unfortunately there is not a live writer version for PDA. Although I have commented on their website that they should do one. Its a great desktop one though 🙂

    This is something that I am very intrested in too – I’m running Windows Mobile 2005 Pocket PC Phone Edition and can access the normal admin area, although I only have a slow mobile connection.

    You could always use the email to post function, but thats only any good for writing, not editing. – provides a good front-end to a wordpress site on a PDA, but not admin control.

    I guess if I had time (and not 3 websites to finish and a business to run!) I could have a look at this plugin in more detail and with a bit of css/php magic could get this working.

    This would be a really great addition to WordPress community as a plugin, I wonder if there are any coders out there with a bit of time on their hands this weekend that could have a look at this?

    Hi Ninjaboy,

    I do have a pda plugin so my site formats okay with pocket pc. It actually does look quite good although I would like to change the colour scheme. However at the moment nobody can comment via pda as I have an antispam maths question which the pda browser does not seem to pick up.

    I wish I could code, I would do this myself. All it needs is the basic functions of the admin dashboard – create, edit and delete posts. It does not need functionality to deal with plugins or anything like that and really would make my life easier.

    I do not like the blog by email as its quite slow to update.

    I have devised a way to access the wordpress admin interface from a pocket pc device. check it out HERE

    any news here?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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