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  • My mom recently completed her dissertation and part of it was to have a usable “product” – and because I do web design, she asked me to help her create a website for her topic: Educators and Self-Injury (dealing with the students who do).

    Right now she’s only using Pages to run the site, with the idea that in the future I can enable a blog section via Posts. Essentially, I am using WordPress as a CMS for her.

    I would appreciate any thoughts, tips, or other feedback on the design – specifically whether you can understand how to use the website, or if there are better ways of presenting the information clearly. The website is for educators in the school systems to use as a resource when (or in preparation for when) they encounter students who self-injure.

    Is there anything you would add? Take away? Features that may enhance usability? Bugs you’ve noticed on your browser?

    Thanks for your time!

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  • a thing for me is always a horizontal navigation, it works for reading flow though it seems the idea is the person reading it page by page and clicking the link at the bottom of lot each text, so it may not be hugely necessary, just my personal preference

    from looking at your source, none of your links have titles, this will aid your accessibility and usability for those who need it

    you might want to add a way to make text larger too, but apart from that your site looks very usable, nice legibility and readability for me

    i hope this helps

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