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  • I’ve somewhat recently moved to WP from Blogger… just didn’t cut it for me. I use FireFox and also validate my site with explorer but I would appreciate feedback especially from Macintosh and Opera users. Does the site look ok?
    Even of you don’t use these browsers, any suggestions or comments are welcome.
    If anyone has an idea on how to obtain a “X Users Online” plugin (not the one from Gamerz) please let me know… I need one badly.

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  • Looks fine – I’m not a fan of white text on black background (harder to read) but if you like it that’s what matters. Otherwise, a nice place to visit…

    Hi alpha,
    I like the design, it’s a nice place to visit. If I would have anything different, it would be removing the current image you have as a background to the calendar. Obviously it’s meant to evoke the look and feel of your banner, but it’s just too ‘noisy’ for me for an element with which visitors might want to interact.
    I like your treatment of the blockquote element in particular.
    Much warmth,

    Good work. What script did you use for your thumbnails?

    yeah, I have that plugin installed, and have no clue what to do with it….haha. Its been installed for 3 weeks now.

    When I read this site, tired as I am, I can’t read it. It’s just not very legible. There’s not a good text-background color ratio, the text is small, and there’s random pictures everywhere. To make it readable, I would try to organize the sidebar content–maybe go from 3 col -> 2 col, and clean up text css.

    i use opera 7.52, and layout appears to be very good. i’m not a big fan of white on dark either, but it bodes well in your design. i do agree that i would can the background image on the calendar as it makes it quite difficult to see the dates.
    i looked at exhibit, but haven’t done anything with it as most of the images on my blog are hotlinked from my gallery. that was the whole intent of hosting the photoblog on my domain to keep my photography in one centralized location, and not have to upload to a variety of places, i.e. blogger, fotoblog, etc.
    for a sister blog (text-driven), i’ll be looking for an alternative such as exhibit, and will give it a try then.

    Exhibit is packaged with poorly written documentation as to how to use it and such. It is a great plugin though. It just needs to be played with.
    Thanks for your comment, I guess. I don’t understand what you mean about “random pictures everywhere”. Some posts have pictures, some don’t but they are all neatly alligned to the left. My left sidebar displays thumbnails of the most recent posts on my photoblog and beyond that there is no graphical content except for the header and calendar background. Which browser are you using? Maybe we’re not looking at the same site…
    As far as the background color, that’s just the way I like it. I like my blog dark, that’s just a personal preference. Text is 12pt Trebuchet… pretty standard stuff. I don’t think it’s too small (try pressing CTRL and scrolling your mousewheel to the standard setting; it may be your browser resizing text in general)
    As far as the layout goes, 3 colum is the way I like it. Thanks for your comment.
    Thanks for the input. I am currently thinking of what to do with the calendar. Maybe I’ll just replace header and calendar backgrounds to something more minimalisic and less noisy. I’ve seen some calendars with actual backgrounds bordering each day of the month and such… maybe I’ll take that on.
    As far as photography solutions, I chose to have both. A blog and a photoblog. I use photos on some of my posts that don’t deserve a spot on the photoblog and vice versa. Plus being as particular as I am as far as picture size goes, images have to be a certian size all of the time which makes hotlinking an issue.
    Thanks again for your comments.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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