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  • I’ve been running a WP blog now since April ’05. I now have 800+ registered users and require registration to post comments, use printer-friendly pages, and view premium content.

    Recently, however, I’ve had a couple of kids get on my site and register tons of different user names and start arguing with each other and themselves about things.

    I find myself wishing for more power in the users section of the admin page.

    Some requests/suggestions:

    1. I’d like the ability to view the date that they signed up and the date that they last logged in. It would be great if WordPress time-stamped the user’s record on registration and again every time they log in.

    2. I would like the IP address of each user captured at registration.

    3. A count of the number of comments each user has made would also be a great field to see.

    3. I would like the ability to sort based on the column headings:

    User Name
    Email Address
    IP address
    # comments
    Registration date
    Last date logged in

    4. It would be nice if I could sort these column headings in descending or ascending order.

    5. It would also be nice to be able to manage the registration process more – to block certain IP addresses from registering.

    If anyone has a hack, plugin, or is willing to consider this as an enhancement to WordPress, it would be great.

    I understand the preference to date has been to provide controls at the comment level, but I don’t have the tools I need to manage my user database and clean out the dead ID’s or identify when some kid is arguing with himself.

    What I plan to do with it if I had it:

    * Sort by registration date to identify when some kid is registering 20 user names one after the other

    * Identify multiple ID’s for one user by IP address

    * Identify who my top contributors are

    * Weed out spam that gets by the filters and plugins

    I had these abilities in PHPBB2, and I really, really miss them.

    Thank you again to the WordPress developers for producing such a professional product.

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  • 5 months and no response to this, that’s sad. What’s listed here are very basic features that I’m surprised more people haven’t begged for by now.

    You’re right. Unfortunately I don’t have the solution and I don’t know whether it will be developed in future versions of wordpress. However a google search for wordpress +”user plugin” gave me a couple of links (ignore the WordPress MU links for now…)

    I know it’s not much, but maybe they push you in the direction of what you need.
    I’m also thinking of suggesting to have you combine a forum with wordpress and in that way you can see some of the features you prefer. Of course you don’t have to activate / use the forum, but you can see stuff like registration date, user IP in the user information.

    Maybe that helps 🙂



    I agree that the User Interface could do with some improvement.

    For me, the most important change would be to be able to sort according to different criteria.

    I use my WordPress installation for a Scuba club with 200 members. Within those 200 members there are different membership levels, defined by different roles (e.g. “Committee Member”) in WordPress.

    Problem is, to see all the Comittee Members, I have to page through 4 screens – why can’t I sort them by Role? It would also be useful to know the total number of each type of member.

    Before the User screen was multi-page, I had a plugin which would sort by any column, and report the number of users for each role next to the Role name. However, when it became multi-page, I couldn’t figure out how to rewrite it.

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