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    I have a large list > 400 users, so naturally I have purchased the “Society” level to handle the number of users.
    I have a user who represents a “strange” use-case that I need a way to handle.
    He has two e-mails that are somehow recognized by gmail as equivalent.
    He originally signed up as and later somehow also added without the “.” …
    Unfortunately he has multiple devices and is very inconsistent with how he sends e-mails.
    He got blocked the first time he sent to the mailing group from because I had him listed as

    So is there a way I can add both of his addresses and mark one as “paused” so that he can send from either, but will only receive mails on the active (not paused) address?

    Alternatively, if there was a user property to capture alias addresses that could also work, but think of all the overhead every time you send an e-mail. Uggh.
    It would be simple enough and also effective if I could just “pause” the secondary addresses. When sending you could let the database do the work with a select * from blah where active_send_address = true; kind of thing and a paused address would be active_send_address = false.

    Any ideas how to solve this one without a code change?

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    Hi there.

    Is this a strange use case, or a user that is strange? 😉

    What WP Mailster has to offer is: in the “Allowed to send/post” setting you can add a user group.
    If you put the second email address into that group, and the first email address as an actual subscriber/recipient, then the user can send from both addresses and only receive replies on one email address.

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    Hi, Holger.

    Yes, a strange user!

    I think I understand your solution! I will try it.

    I just came across the allowed to send from group feature today only because I was using it incorrectly. I had a use-case where I needed to include more than one group and it dawned on me the groups in play for to form the “all recipients.” So you’ve just helped me grasp the true use of the member of (single) group feature on allowed to send.

    It should precisely cover this use case.

    Thank you!

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    Okay. I have this working.

    It is functional, though inelegant, because this member is an officer of the board and he is in five different groups, so I had to make five corresponding “{group_name} Additional Senders” groups to accommodate him.

    It would have been easier for me to add both of his addresses to various groups and mark one of the users as paused. :-/

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    It is not elegant – but what we are doing here is addressing a very unelegant user…

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    Haha. True.
    Who knows, I may find other reasons to use those Additional Sender groups now that I’ve gone through the trudgery of making them. ;-

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