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  1. Online77
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    I am creating a new Church site and would appreciate some coaching/assistance in it's development. I have an extensive background in coding, I just need some advice on how to create posts that look like pages, and whether to use a page oriented approach or a post oriented approach. The idea is to use it as a CMS system so all the staff can contribute. There will mostly be static content and maybe as many as five blogs. We do have some modest funds available even in these hard times.

  2. esmi
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  3. figaro
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    See the following video for the very basics of making your site work more like a CMS with a link to a "blog" page.


    You could create multiple users with posting rights or multiple blogs with links from the Main blog for your contributing users.

  4. Mohit Kumar
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    1. Move your posts into a page like 'blog' from settings menu
    2.Make pages to use it as cms.
    3. You can edit you theme to utilize it as a cms, or choose a custom theme.

    or you can do this

    1.use categories in navigation
    2.make posts according to categories.
    thats how i do it

    you can see it here btraveller.in

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