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    I am freelancer who currently writes for several online writing sites, and as a person with an entrepreneurial spirit that has owned a brick and mortar franchise in recent years, (closed now) I have the desire to begin my own online content marketing site.
    I am not savvy on website building or open source CMS, however, I have scoured the internet, learning what I could, and I have asked questions from others about first steps and how-to information. Of course, as with any online business, there are always those who are willing to give bits and pieces, but like anything in life you have to work at it until you break through and find what you truly need.

    Here’s a bit of background about me:
    – former programmer in 70s and 80s that stepped out of IT to raise a family.
    – former franchise (restaurant) owner
    – worked as administrative assistant in a data migration project for a large corporation transitioning away from the parent corporation to a become a stand-alone company.
    – have several blogs on blogger and
    – work on the internet 10 – 12 hours per day – generally, writing online content and updating blogs, etc.

    I would like to know if –
    1) A site such as looks like it was built with WordPress from those of you are knowledgeable about such and whether you think WordPress could be used to develop a site such as Media Piston (to create my own).
    2) Do you have any advice on first steps to begin? I believe that if someone can point me in a good direction, I can take off with a site.

    I understand a lot of basics, but I am just not pulling enough together to wrap my head around a beginning, especially since I have come through a nightmare of attempting to recover from a franchise business in the past. This leaves me leery of investing time and money in futile directions.
    As someone who has had lots of money and lost it all, I just keeping seeking answers.
    If anyone has some solid advice, I’d appreciate hearing about it and know you ultimately would receive blessings from sharing it with a person who is open and grateful.

    To your successes
    Sungate ~

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  • HI Sungate,

    1. The site you mentioned seems not to be built on WordPress and yes, WordPress can be used to build such types of site. Check out the WordPress Users.

    2. To set up WordPress it is a very straight forward process. In short, all you need to do is:

    2a. buy a domain from a domain registrar (typical cost $5 – $20 / year)
    2b. buy a hosting service where to host your website (typical cost $5 – $20 / month)
    2c. Download WordPress from here
    2d. Once WordPress is downloaded, unpack the archive, upload the files via FTP or the hosting provider control panel and follow the instructions 🙂

    That was just a very basic overview. If you have more questions, simply ask.

    Just as John said you will get help here so,as we say in Ireland “Give it a lash Jack”(From our soccer team and Jack Charlton)
    On a serious not go ahead you will have the forums here to help you.
    Started at it last year myself but then I am only 50 +++++Young and have not regretted using it. It’s an amazing platform.

    Thank you both so much for the information and the encouragement. I am beginning today to see how it goes and will keep you posted.

    Good luck with your new adventure and feel free to post here if any problems arise.

    Please mark this ticket as resolved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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