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  • One of the things I implemented on my site is the Twitter-Tools WordPress plugin. I enjoy having my Tweets automatically created as posts in my blog. This made me think of an idea for a Flickr WordPress plugin.

    Now, this may already be out there (if so, please let me know!), but what if there was a plug-in that checked your Flickr RSS feed for updates. Now, instead of creating a post for EVERY picture that you upload (which I’m sure could still be an option), what if it looks at what photos were added since the last time the feed was checked and created a single post displaying the thumbnails of those recently added photos?

    Of course, the option to create a custom titles and descriptions for the posts, such as Photos Added on %date% %time% (or other variables available to the user) would be great as you’d want to give the user a way to flexibility and freedom.

    I went ahead and created a quick mock-up of this idea. As I state in the photo description, don’t expect this to come from me. I think it’s a great idea, though. I’m sure it could be implemented for other services, such as YouTube and more. Anyway, enjoy the mock-up. I hope someone takes the task of doing this. You can take all the credit. I don’t care. Just someone make it. 😀

    Flickr Auto Post WordPress Plug-in Idea

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