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  • I ran into FeedonFeeds (FoF), a php based server side RSS and ATOM aggregator. I have an example running at Blogs I Read.
    I was thinking that since this is php, it could be integrated into WP, and then we could have a page on the WP blogs that reads like the friends’ page on LiveJournal, for example, my LJ friends’ page.
    I wish I knew how to code in php, but right now it will take me a long time to come up to speed, but these things could be improved in FoF, when it is integrated into WP.
    1. Require a password to add/edit/mark-as-read entries/blogs.
    2. Have a set of Links in a WP blog automatically “added” to the the FoF page.
    I would love it if someone could make this very useful and promising aggregator a hack for WP.

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  • Interesting Ideas! Thanks a bunch. I will try them out later. Seperating the admin and the view pages, as gat suggested seems worth trying.
    How do you do “If logged in, show this, else don’t , and how do you set up a php page to use logging in?” sounds complicated, and I hae exams coming up, which is all the more reason to waste time. 🙂
    The mark as read and mark as unread and the other administrative functions are all built into the same page, so I dont know whether I can seperate it into two files, or just make one without the admin options, but it is a good idea.

    I managed to whip something up, nothing much actually just a call to include another php page into the index template…
    but it is here
    Now the question is
    1) Can anyone find out which php page I am including into this page by some means?
    2) Is this safe and good enough?
    3)The real view.php of feedonfeeds is still not password protected using .htaccess, since if I do that, then the page may not be able to include that php page, without a username and password.
    Is there a way we can pass the username and password when the other page is called?
    I can still edit the feedonfeeds page where its hosted at,
    the php page I have included in this page is a page with only the “body” part of the regular feedonfeeds “view.php” page, with the parameters noedit=1 and how=paged.
    Comments and opinions are welcome.
    Thank you,

    Somewhat off-topic, but is anyone else having problems unpacking the FoF tarball? It’s only showing two files.

    I did not have a problem. You can probably try again.

    Excellent!! So obe can actually have .htaccess protection and still use the files in a page that is outside the protected directory! That is what I wanted to know. I love the way you have described it, and it must have taken quite some time for you to do this! Maybe you can add that to the wiki as a mini-tutorial or something 🙂
    Thanks a million.

    uhmmmmm i will think about the wiki thing, let me arrange it 😀

    So I do something like the following in my sidebar/menu area ( ). Let me know if this doesn’t work for you


      $result = fof_do_query("select url, title, link from $FEED_TABLE order by title ASC");
      while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
      $url = htmlspecialchars($row['url']);
      $title = htmlspecialchars($row['title']);
      $link = htmlspecialchars($row['link']);
      echo '

    • '.$title.' <img src="wp-images/xml.gif" alt="rss"
      width="36" height="14" border="0" />&lt/a>
    • ';
      echo '


    this is how it works.

    Hi gat,
    Since I wanted to display the entries and not just the blogs list, I had to hack a little more, and now it works, thanks mainly to your timely guidance.
    Its at carthik’s subscriptions
    thanks again.

    Why do you use feed on feeds when you can use an easier addon module,
    The download is located at
    It is built on zfeeder and it doesn’t require mySQL. see for yourself

    The zfeeder module is great, but what I wanted was :
    1) the updates to be listed in the order of most recently updated, not in blocks, with each block with last 10 updates from a particular site.
    2) FoF has a subscribe bookmarklet whihc makes it easy to add new sites
    3) I can mark items as read and not have them appear on the view page.
    in the same order of priority.

    yeah that’s great, feed on feeds is better than zfeeder, 2fargon is right!
    i will check as soon as possible your “carthik’s subscriptions”, even if i’m really ok with my separate FoF, i’m just too curious!
    uh, remember my mod that lets you add the FoF subscription link to the link list into the link admin menu!!!



    Check out FoF powered subscriptions hack for instructions and files for doing it yourself 🙂

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